The lawyers of Renato Usatii: "This is a conflict of interests. We demand withdrawal of the prosecutor and the judge!"

Prosecutor Vitaly Busuyok can not process the case of Renato Usatii, as he is in a conflict of interests. This is assured by the lawyers of the leader of Our Party, who demanded withdrawal of Busuyok at the court session on May 18.

So, according to the lawyer of Usatii, Anatol Istrate, this prosecutor was one of the accusers who prepared a resolution on termination of the criminal case against Russian banker German Gorbuntsov. “In the resolution on termination of the criminal case, the prosecutor also spoke about the circumstances of the criminal case brought against Renato Usatii,” – Istrate said.

“Another reason was the fact that the suspects appearing in this criminal case (there are only four of them) have submitted a number of complaints demanding the criminal punishment of persons who, in their opinion, are responsible for falsifying evidence in this criminal case. We considered that for an objective investigation of the criminal case, the court must satisfy withdrawal,” – Istrate said.

However, the court rejected the claim of the lawyers. As a result, the defense also demanded withdrawal of Judge Nikolae Korcha. According to Istrate, the lawyers argued their claim by the fact that Korcha had already spoken out on the complaint of the lawyers – about explaining the accusation. “From our point of view, he can no longer consider the petition for cancelation of the resolution on accusation,” – Anatol Istrate concluded.

Earlier it was reported that prosecutor Lilian Bakalym has closed the criminal case instituted against German Gorbuntsov. At the same time, despite the fact that, according to the legislation on termination of the criminal case, the parties must be notified as soon as possible, Renato Usatii, who appears as the affected party in the case, was notified only three months later when the case was closed. Moreover, by a strange coincidence, the case was closed only ten days after initiation of a “symmetric” criminal case against the leader of Our Party, where he was accused of organizing an attempt on German Gorbuntsov.

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