“Busuioc and Bacalim must be held responsible”. The lawyers of Usatyi categorically condemned the actions of prosecutors

The Prosecutors Vitalie Busuioc and Lillian Bacalim severely violated a number of provisions of the national legislation, by accusing Renato Usatyi publicly of attempted murder of the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov.

This is stated in the press release provided by the lawyers of Usatyi, Anatol Istrate and Angela Istrate.

Thus, “the defense of Renato Usatyi expresses disagreement with the actions of the prosecutors of the POCOCSC (Prosecution Office for Combating the Organized Crime and Special Cases) Vitalie Busuioc and Lilian Bacalim who, during a press conference held on October 31, 2017, publicly accused Renato Usatyi of having committed a number of crimes”.

Lawyers claim “that the POCOCSC prosecutors severely violated the principles of presumption of innocence and legality in the criminal trials, as well as provisions regarding the non-disclosure of personal data, because the information which was disclosed violates the fundamental rights provided for in the Constitution and international agreements, to which Moldova is a part”.

The defense claims that the prosecutors went ahead when in an unjustifiable manner and unlawfully accused Renato Usatyi before the examination of all the circumstances and all the versions in the criminal case on the attempted murder of the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov.

Moreover, the lawyers of the chairman of “Our Party” reminded prosecutors that “the objective of criminal proceedings is to protect the individual, society and state from crimes, as well as to protect the individual and society from unlawful actions of officials in the process of investigation of alleged or committed crimes so that anyone who has committed a crime should be punished to the extent of his guilt and no innocent person should be prosecuted and convicted, which is completely ignored by the prosecution authorities when investigating this criminal case”.

“The POCOCSC prosecutors ignored their duties, assuming that no person can be unreasonably suspected, charged or convicted. They ignored the rights, the freedoms and human dignity. For their actions prosecutors must bear disciplinary liability. They also violated the principle of confidentiality of the criminal trial, according to which the materials of the criminal case can be published only with the permission of the authority conducting criminal proceedings and only to the extent that he considers possible, taking into account the principle of the presumption of innocence, as well as the interests of persons and the criminal process”, - lawyers concluded.

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