“The smear campaign” launched by Plahotniuc against “Our Party” and Renato Usatyi does not work. The people cannot be deceived ad infinitum.

Our wise people will not allow being deceived, no matter how hard Plahotniuc’s propagandists may try. “The smear campaign” which is launched by his media holding and pours from television screens throughout the republic, provokes only rejection among people.

This was confirmed by representatives of the leadership of “Our Party”, who these days are undertaking visits in the districts of our country.

“The propagandist cesspit of Plahotniuc pours out 24 hours a day torrents of sleazy, cheap “dirt” on Moldovan residents, but despite all efforts they do not give the effect expected by coordinator. People are already allergic to all these lies. It is not perceived and rejected by them. The “tour” in all regions of Moldova that I have made together with the activists of “Our Party” gave me the final proof. Today, together with the vice-chairman of “Our Party”, Elena Panus and advisers of the district and city council of Cahul, we met people in Colibasi and Slobozia Mare villages, Cahul city. “Everything that is shown on TV about Usatyi is a lie. Everyone knows that the principal gangster in Moldova is Plahotniuc. His place is in prison”, - said an elderly woman of Colibasi village.

“Hang in there on! We support you - Renato Usatyi and “Our party!”, - a man in Slobozia Mare echoes to her”, - Dumitru Ciubasenco, the vice-chairman of “Our Party” tells about conversations with residents of Cahul district. According to him, the representatives of “Our Party” did not encounter any negative attitude wherever they went. People are well-disposed, they want a change and strongly hope that Plahotniuc’s regime will soon collapse. “We never met people with negative attitude. Their attitude is either positive or neutral. Despite all attempts of Plahotniuc’s media-cesspit to blacken the name of Usatyi and his party, people perfectly understand, and we are told everywhere that namely “Our Party” is the opposition political force that is being attacked by the biggest repressions of the

regime. People find an explanation: “If you come to power, Plahotniuc is finished. He is afraid and tries to stop you”, - Ciubasenco describes the mood of people. It is the fear of the inevitable collapse that pushes the “principal coordinator” to repression against opposition parties, their activists and leaders, residents of the republic are sure.

“The terror that Plahotniuc’s regime launched against Usatyi and “Our Party” clearly points to a mental deviation. There is something from which to despair: they attack “Our Party” over and over again, initiate new criminal cases against its activists, do everything to ensure that Usatyi does not return home, try to beat the mayors and advisers, the party continues to exist and enjoy popularity among the people. Plahotniuc understand perfectly that, in the context of general hatred of the regime and personally to its head, in conditions when over 40 percent of voters are undecided, and the beginning of the dip in the ratings of the Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova, namely “Our Party” remains the force that citizens will trust. They are trying to “destroy” the party, but they do not succeed, and they completely are losing their minds. The Lilliputian on Louboutin shoes is mad that neither he nor his party can grow by one centimeter in the eyes of citizens. Being unable to rise themselves, they are trying to drag down others to their level by methods of political terror. A pathetic “strategy” of insignificant intriguers”, - writes the politician in his post in the social network. The repression machine, in which Plahotniuc invests huge amounts of money, increasingly fails: people cannot be deceived ad infinitum, he said.

“During the meetings with the citizens, we were convinced that the money spent by the regime on attempts to compromise “Our Party” and Usatyi - are money thrown out of the window. Plahotniuc must dismiss all his propagand ....ists. They are failing in their mission. They all, starting with their master, get tired to bite the dust. Because they shouldn’t permanently deceive the people”- Dumitru Ciubasenco sums up.

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