Chubashenko: I withdraw my vote in favor of Dodon and I apologize to the electors (VIDEO)

Speaking with the initiative to switch to a mixed electoral system, the President Igor Dodon has split the opposition forces, and also clearly showed that he intends to develop a tandem with oligarch Plakhotnyuk. This was stated during the “Main Thing” program on TVC21 TV channel by the vice-chairman of Our Party Dmitry Chubashenko. He also apologized to his electors, whom he called to vote for Igor Dodon in the second round of the elections.

Our Party has signed a joint position with other real opposition forces – the Party of Communists, DA Platform, PAS Party, the Petrenko Party, the Liberal Democratic Party. If the Party of Socialists had joined this statement, 95% of the electorate would have been represented by its signatories, and Plakhotnyuk would never have been against such a majority. By its decision, the Party of Socialists split the opposition front and allowed Plakhotnyuk to say that there is no full consensus against his initiative,” the deputy chairman of Our Party explained. Thus, Igor Dodon betrayed his opposition colleagues, who at one time helped him become a president.

“When they say that Dodon is popularly elected, this is not so; 28% of the total number of electors voted for him, three quarters practically did not vote for him. I, who voted and called on others, now recall my vote and apologize to people for this. When, after the first round of elections, the national council of Our Party flew to Moscow (because Usatii could not be here), Dodon came to the birthday of Usatii on November 4, asked him for support and said that he would not let down. He deceived! Because for us “I will not let down” is a fight with Plakhotnyuk, and he is afraid of it,” Chubashenko stressed. Summarizing, he predicted that the Plakhotnyuk-Dodon tandem will develop and be strengthened.

“According to our observations, the Plakhotnyuk-Dodon tandem will be strengthened. They will further divide the power among themselves, playing the performances about some discussions, and then they will “come to consensus” and clean out all the others. And the electoral system will be what they agree upon “Dmitry Chubashenko summarized.

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