Ciubasenco: The statements made by Proca - a catastrophe for Plahotniuc and the entire “pro-European” coalition

The vice-chairman of “Our Party” Dumitru Ciubasenco wrote this in the social network, commenting on the sensational statements of the killer Vitalie Proca, made on the air of the TV channel Jurnal TV.

“Killer Vitalie Proca, who shot in London at the banker German Gorbuntsov, claims that the customer of this crime is the chairman of the Democratic party of Moldova, the coordinator of the ruling “pro-European” coalition, Vladimir Plahotniuc. Proca also stated that he was not the only killer whose services Plahotniuc resorted to. Proca also said that Plahotniuc is a drug addict person, sniffing 2-3 “lines” of cocaine in the morning.

The statements made by Proca is a catastrophe not only for Plahotniuc, but also for the Democratic party he leads and the ruling “pro-European” coalition. With such a “helmsman” in the role of a stone on the neck, they have a direct road not to Europe, but to the pool”, - the politician writes in his publication. In his opinion, now Plahotniuc and his party have almost no chance to “get clean”. Moreover, the “coordinator” should be examined for drug addiction and find out where he takes drugs.

“If Proca slandered Plahotniuc then, theoretically, there is only one way to wash off against the accusations: to start cooperate closely with the investigators from Bucharest and London, to take a lie detector test, to resign from the position of the head of the Democratic Party of Moldova till the final establishing of the truth. The Democratic Party of Moldova has no chance to wash off the image of the criminal group headed by a boss with the reputation of an international gangster. It turns out, they drew for themselves all these uninominal districts in vain. Any “independent” candidate or representing the Democratic Party of Moldova will be dragged to the bottom by the stigma of “Plahotniuc’s man” who is accused of contract murder and drug use.

And about cocaine: Plahotniuc must be checked by drug specialists. Not with Moldovan pocket doctors, but with independent international specialists. If Plahotniuc is recognized as a drug addict, a compulsory treatment can be imposed on him. And he has to explain the investigators, where he took the cocaine”, - Dumitru Ciubasenco sums up.

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