Elena Panus: The distribution of cities and villages according to electoral districts is the result of bargaining between Plahotniuc and Dodon

In the broadcast of the BTV channel “Face to face”, the vice-chairman of “Our Party” Elena Panus criticized the approaches to the creation of electoral districts, presented by a special commission headed by Iurie Ciocan. “Maybe it will sound ugly, but the story of the electoral districts turned into some kind of pornography”, - Elena Panus said harshly.

The whole story began with the fact that people were told how they would choose their deputy. But as a result, they reconfigured the map of Moldova. At first sight, no logic can be found in this. “Ciocan did not publish these papers (the map of the division into districts - approx.), just distributed a sheet of text to everyone. I drew the appropriate electoral districts on the map of Moldova for a night. Drochia reaches the Dniester beyond Soroca! It is hard to understand what was the logic to include in this district the villages Oclanda and Iarova”. It was expected that the districts would be drawn in such a way that voters were more compact. However, in practice it turned out completely different.

“For example, in Balti there are two electoral districts: numbers 9 and 10. Now tell me what is the sense in the 9th district of Balti to include the villages Pirlita and Rautel from Falesti district. The district number 10 turned out even more interesting. A part of Balti votes for the candidate along with the villages Tambul of Singerei district, Singereii Noi, Heciul Nou, Biruinta, Alexandrovca, Elizavetovca, Cubolta, Dobruja Veche. Elizavetovca village, as well as Sadovoe, are included in the municipality of Balti. But all the other villages are from Singerei district. How can a candidate motivate his voters from the villages to support him? And how will the deputy represent these villages from Singerei district? Stupid situation. Another example is Ialoveni district. It is chopped up into pieces. It is divided for the electoral district of three districts”.

“There is no doubt that the interests of the Democratic Party and the Party of Socialists are behind the division of Moldova into electoral districts”. For example, it is well known that in the Russian-speaking villages, socialists’ followers have more support and they took this fact into account when parceling Moldova into districts. There is no doubt that the borders of the districts in

Chisinau can affect the results of the elections. Given that the Party of Socialists does not put in doubt the methods for creation of districts’ boundaries, the only deduction that can therefore be made is that: they are not just satisfied with this, but rather they themselves participated in drawing the map of electoral districts. “The division of the country into districts is the result of bargaining between socialists and democrats. In this way they will be able to promote certain candidates, individuals, in order to keep the power”.

Elena Panus also reminded the viewers about the elections in Gagauzia. “The example of Gagauzia, when there were 1-2 candidates from the Democratic Party at the elections, but in general the line was for independent candidates”. As a result of the elections in the districts, in the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia, from one democrat deputy a whole PDM faction was formed, to which many independent deputies joined. Voters had no idea that voting for independents - in fact they voted for the Democratic Party. This is another example of how the future parliamentary elections will take place in a mixed system. The liability of deputies to voters and any representation of deputies is out of the question. Especially, under this way of creating electoral districts.

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