Elena Panus: Authorities sell Moldova wholesale and by pieces. Hospitals, recreation centers and even roads are for sale

The Public Property Agency has published a list of objects subject to privatization and has already set the date for the auction - November 21, 2017. “Moldova is sold wholesale and by pieces. They sell hospitals, sewage treatment units, recreation centers and ... even roads!” - wrote one of the the vice-chairmen of “Our Party” Elena Panus on the social network Facebook.

Since 2017, local public roads have been transferred to the local public administration of the second level (district councils), - is mentioned on the page of the Public Road Administration. The roads have been transferred, and the assets for their maintenance remained the property of the specialized JSC.

“Now these objects are subject to sale at open outcry auctions”, - Elena Panus is upset. And as example she reports that “98.954% of 98.954% of the state’s shares in the State Enterprise “Drumuri-Riscani” are sold”.

Thus, the local administration will remain with the roads that it should manage, but without any tools for their maintenance. “New owners will be free to set the cost of services at their own discretion”- Elena Panus writes.

“A very profitable business for godfathers, crony, and other relatives of government officials making decisions.

There is something wrong with selling “road” JSC. One day we can wake up and we will have to pay to get out of the village or the city ... Maybe specialists in this area will shed light on what is happening, if they want, of course?”- Elena Panus asked.

In addition, Elena Panus presents a document on the announcement since November 21 of auction and public sale of 29 objects. They plan to sell, in particular, foreign property of Moldova: Children’s Health Camp in Sergeevka, the tourist camp “Moldova” in the Transcarpathian region, the recreation camp “Mecita” in Zatoka.

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