Grigorisin: the residents of Balti are waiting for the return of Renato Usatyi, he is the only politician you can trust

The residents of Balti are experiencing the same difficulties as the residents of the whole republic - despair, poverty, low level of medicine and education. However, the regime simply squeezes out all those who try to change the situation for the better. ​

The candidate for the position of mayor of Balti Nicolae Grigorisin held meetings with voters in the educational institutions of the northern capital.

“During the years of independence, dozens of governments, lots of parties of all colors of the rainbow have changed in Moldova. But people’s lives have not changed for the better. A third of young people intend to leave the country forever. Last year “IDIS Viitorul” survey showed that life in Moldova after the collapse of the Soviet Union is only getting worse. People talk about the lack of prospects, small salaries, mass corruption, low level of education and medicine. The system simply squeezes out all those who try to reverse the situation. As Renato Usatyi, who was forced to leave the country because of repression and persecution by the republican authorities. Criminal cases against him are completely fabricated and are of political nature. People understand this, they are waiting for the return of Renato Usatyi to Moldova, they say that he is the only politician they can trust”, the vice-mayor described his visit to Gymnasium No. 3. People’s mood shows how grateful they are to the former mayor for tireless care of socially vulnerable residents, whom the state literally threw to the side of life, he said.

“Well, which mayor in Moldova at his own money opened social dining rooms and fed hot meals for pensioners, invalids, the poor? People say thank you to Renato Usatyi for this, they believe that for old people these canteens have become a real salvation. The state does not need retirees; they are a burden to the budget. Huge queues an hour before the opening of social canteens in Balti only confirms this”, - Grigorisin wrote in the social network after visiting kindergarten No. 3.

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