„They need to destroy the councillors from OP”. Renato Usatyi presented the latest episodes of pressure on Balti councillors

The central authorities continue to exert pressure on municipal councillors from „Our Party” in Balti, in order to prevent the holding of a referendum on the confidence in the mayor of the northern capital Renato Usatyi. Thus, already on Saturday searches have been carried out at Igor Basistii - the head of the faction of „Our Party” in the municipal council.

As the leader of „Our Party” Renato Usatyi declared in social networks, „Yesterday, the well-known Moldovan policeman Cavcaliuc visited Balti. A meeting was held due to the fact that the meeting of the municipal council should take place in Balti, during which the justification for conducting the referendum, the date and the question itself would be decided”.

In this connection, Usatyi stressed that Cavcaliuc ordered to destroy by all possible means councillors from „Our Party”. According to Mayor of Balti, „they will start with those who have a business. And all these measures have been undertaken to ensure that no meeting takes place”.
On Saturday morning we have learned that police conducted searches at the chairman of the faction of „Our Party” in Balti council - Igor Basistii. According to Usatyi, law enforcement officers opened a real hunt against him.

„They are still doing everything in their power to arrest him. But at the moment he is in a safe place. The policemen from Balti are torn in pieces for not being able to arrest him”, Usatyi added.

At the same time, in order to prevent the meeting of the municipal council, they already tried to serve the summons to the advisers of „Our Party” faction, all of them are already accused in a criminal case and everyone should appear with lawyers. They should appear on January 17, that is, the day before the meeting”.

„They need to destroy the key councillors of “Our Party” today”, - Usatyi summed up.
In this context, Renato Usatyi appealed to the external partners of Moldova requiring reaction to blatant cases of lawlessness, deployed by the regime of oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

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