Nicolae Grigorisin, the candidate of OP for the position of Mayor of Balti: We will win in Balti, and after that - in the entire Moldova!

During the public meeting of the active party members of the territorial organization of Balti, the candidate for the position of mayor of the northern capital, Nicolae Grigorisin expressed gratitude for the trust and noted that “on May 20, every Balti inhabitant has to make a choice: either to vote for himself, for his hometown, for free Balti, or throw himself on the mercy of the Chisinau mafia, to choose corruption, suppression of local autonomy, political repression”:

- I am sure that on May 20, Balti inhabitants will choose freedom and justice, will vote for the interests of their city. Today we represent all normal people who have remained in Moldova and Balti. And they represent a gang robbing Moldova and really like to rob Balti. I am sure that on May 20, we will together make the unique right choice. We will win in Balti - and after that in the entire Moldova! - Nicolae Grigorisin said.

He also emphasised that in the near future a detailed report on mayoralty’s activity for the benefit of city after a resounding victory in 2015 will be made public:

- In the near future, we will present to Balti inhabitants a detailed report on the activity of “Our Party” for the benefit of the city after the victory in the local elections in 2015. We have something to say on each item of the electoral program of mayor Renato Usatyi and the team of councillors from “Our Party” in the municipal council.

Also soon the pre-election program of the candidate for the position of mayor Nicolae Grigorisin will be presented, in which the measures necessary to implement the program of Renato Usatyi will be specified.

We recall that today, on April 11, “Our Party” presented its candidate for the position of mayor of Balti. Early elections in the municipality will be held on May 20.

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