Casu accused Grozavu of abuse of power. The adviser asked the prosecutor’s office to verify the legality of the appointment of Radu

The municipal advisor from “Our Party” Ilian Casu applied to the Prosecutor General’s Office requesting to verify the legality of the appointment of Silvia Radu to the position of ad interim mayor.

As stated in the request sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office, “on November 6, on the basis of an order signed by ad interim mayor of Chisinau Nistor Grozavu, Silvia Radu was appointed to the position of vice-mayor of Chisinau, and subsequently to the position of ad interim mayor”.

According to Casu, Nistor Grozavu, appointed to the position of ad interim mayor by the decision by the MCC, did not have the right to appoint ad interim mayor. In addition, the municipal advisor drew attention to the fact that Grozavu was a subject of criminal case, “as a consequence, there is a risk that he could make an appropriate decision under influence”. At the same time Casu stressed that Grozavu actions have signs of abuse of power and excess of official authority.

“The decision on appointment is not justified and was adopted without study, analysis, neither was a strategic need to appoint Silvia Radu”,- he said.

We recall that on November 6, by the decision of ad interim mayor Nistor Grozavu, for the position of vice-mayors, have been appointed the advisor from the EPP Ruslan Codreanu, as well as Silvia Radu. Later, Grozavu announced his resignation and Silvia Radu took his place. In the opinion of observers, in the mayor’s office Radu represents the interests of the chairman of the Democratic Party, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

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