Large-scale protests will be held in the south and north of Moldova at the weekend of May 20-21

The leader of Our Party Renato Usatii calls on residents of the northern and southern regions of Moldova to take part in protests on May 20-21 in Beltsy and Comrat against the initiative of Plakhotnyuk-Dodon to change the electoral system. Usatii said about it in an online broadcast on Facebook.

“Our Party invites the whole south to the march on Saturday in Comrat. The task of this march is to wake up Moldova. We must bring information to the people different from that presented by the TV channels of Dodon-Plakhotnyuk, to convey a real picture to citizens,” – the leader of Our Party said.

Thus, a march of protest starts from Lenina Street, from the bus station in Comrat on Saturday, May 20 at 11:00. Then a rally will begin in the square in front of the community center. The next day, on Sunday, May 21 at 11:00, another protest action will take place, in Beltsy. Place of gathering – the Independence Square, at the Summer Stage, from there protesters will march to the Vasile Alexandri Square.

“I ask all our activists, our supporters, all those who can join either the action in the south, or to the action in the north: come out! We must wake up the whole country!”, Usatii added.

“The next protest of civil society was announced on May 28. Having woken up the north and the south, we will be able to meet in Kishinev in order to bring nearer the finale of the legal, economic, social lawlessness that has been taking place in Moldova in recent years. If we do not unite, we will not succeed,” – the leader of Our Party concluded.

Earlier, the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk and the President Igor Dodon spoke about the initiative to change the electoral system. This provoked a series of protests organized by civil society, which culminated in the action at the parliament building with many thousands participants. The protesters called on Dodon and Plakhotnyuk to abandon the initiative, otherwise they announced continuation of the protest movement.

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