The municipal council voted: new vice mayors elected in Balti

At the meeting of Balti municipal council human resources matters were considered. By the voice of the majority of councillors the resignation of Leonid Babii has been accepted and vice mayors’ appointment approved.

At today’s meeting of the council, the letter of resignation for health reasons of the vice mayor Leonid Babii was considered. The municipal councillors thanked Leonid Ion for his work as vice mayor and accepted his resignation.
Also, according to the adopted agenda, the municipal councillors considered the proposals of the Mayor of Balti Renato Usatyi on new candidates for vacant positions of deputy heads of the city. The advisers supported the proposals of Renato Usatyi and elected new vice mayors.
Nicolai Grigorisin became vice mayor on administering of municipal property, land relations, architecture and construction, municipal economy. Genadii Smulschii was elected as vice mayor on finance and economy, trade, public catering and delivery of public services, public procurement and foreign economic relations.

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