"Our Party" denied the media's ridiculous "accusations" of the regime about the alleged involvement of the adviser Ion Duca in "Bringing to suicide" the mayor of the Singera

Representatives of ” Our Party ” indignantly rejected the insinuations of the mass media controlled by the ruling regime that the adviser of Singera from ” Our Party “, the lawyer Ion Duca, publishing information about the activity of the Mayoralty and defending the rights of citizens, thus became ” involved in bringing to suicide” the mayor of the city Mihai Lari.

During the press conference organized at the office of ” Our Party “, Ion Duca noted that he was strictly in job relations with Mihai Lari. As adviser to the city council, he is obliged to guard the interests of citizens, to publish official documents, not to allow the mayoralty to take illegal and anti-popular decisions.

“I was deeply angered by the fact that the media wrote certain defamatory information about me and my family,” said Ion Duca. - This pressure comes from August 4, when the newspaper “Ziarul de Garda” tried to present its vision of the situation, made ridiculous “accusations” that I published on the Facebook the information about my activities as adviser and thus allegedly “brought the mayor to suicide. “

Ion Duca mentioned that he was not even in the country at the time when the tragedy occurred and that he had not been questioned by anybody from the law enforcement agencies, he was not called to interrogation and he does not have any status in the criminal case initiated in connection with the death of Mihai Lari.

“I think that the mass media have no right to disseminate such statements, which have no actual basis. I consider these attacks as a performance that is played out before any results of the investigation became known, especially since there is still not even the

results of the examination, “said Ion Duca, who is a lawyer, an expert in the field of criminal law. Duca noted that he reserves the right to appeal to the court with a claim for protection of honor and dignity against “Ziarul de Garda”, as the author of unreliable information, that latter was used by the media holding of the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

Vice-chairman of the “Our Party” Ilian Casu said during the press conference that “from political point of view, it is clear why the media affiliated to the ruling regime, attacks the advisers of the political formation - because ” Our Party “is the most persistent and consistent opponent of the mafia regime led by Vladimir Plahotniuc.

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