Our Party calls citizens to protest on Sunday May 14

Our Party calls on its supporters and citizens of Moldova to join the mass protest, which will take place on Sunday, May 14, to prevent the tandem of Plakhotnyuk-Dodon from adjusting the electoral system according to their plans. This was announced by Ilian Kashu and Dmitry Chubashenko, vice-chairmen of Our Party, at the press conference held on Friday 12 May devoted to general mobilization against the plans of the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk to finally seize Moldova with the help of the Socialist Party and the President Igor Dodon.

“Representatives of Our Party, as citizens, were present at all flash mobs against the initiative of the Plakhotnyuk-Dodon tandem to change the electoral system. And the leader of Our Party has repeatedly publicly called for supporting a civil protest,” – Ilian Kashu said. – “Under conditions where attempts are made illegally to change the rules of the game for the next parliamentary elections, we are obviously forced to go to the streets. Protest, in the realities of the Plakhotnyuk’s regime, remains the only opportunity to protect the rights and fragile democracy in Moldova,” – he added.

In this regard, Kashu appealed to Moldovan citizens: “We once again call on the supporters of the party to take part in the protest organized by civil society. All that we watched for the last seven years was just a warm-up for the protest, which will take place on Sunday.”

On his part, Dmitry Chubashenko stressed that so far, a huge number of arguments have been voiced against the initiative of Plakhotnyuk-Dodon: “A month ago, six political parties signed a common document where they opposed the change in the electoral system. The Socialist Party refused to fight for the preservation of the current system. This is very strange, because the socialists de facto refused to win the next parliamentary elections.”

“We will go out to protest on Sunday, and will continue the next week – we will protest as much as necessary. In order for the combined pressure of external partners and protests from civil society and political parties forced Plakhotnyuk and Dodon to abandon their plans to change the electoral system,” – Chubashenko said.

Pickets organized by civil society against the initiative of oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk and President Igor Dodon on transition to a mixed electoral system are already ongoing in Moldova for a week. It is expected that a series of pickets will end with a mass protest, which will be held on Sunday, at 12:00 in the square in front of the Moldovan parliament.

Recall that on March 7, the head of the Democratic Party, the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk initiated a bill on transition to a single-mandate election of deputies to the parliament in 101 single-mandate constituencies. After a month and a half, on April 18, President Igor Dodon, confirming the experts’ opinion on coordination of his actions with Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, proposed to approve a mixed electoral system where 51 deputies would be elected by lists and 50 – by single-mandate constituencies. According to his proposal, in the parliament elected according to this system, 25 deputies will have to represent the Diaspora and Transnistria.

According to Dodon’s plan, the remaining 25 deputies will be elected in the regions of the right-bank Moldova. It is not mentioned in the draft how exactly they are going to hold elections in the territory of Transnistria, which is not controlled by the Moldovan authorities. At the same time, in 2013, Vladimir Plakhotnyuk has already put forward such an initiative in the parliament. As a result, the draft law on the modification of the Moldovan electoral system from proportional to the mixed was adopted by the parliament, but later the deputies from LDPM and PSRM revoked it.

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