Appeal of “Our Party” to Moldovan citizens regarding Plahotniuc-Dodon's plans to change the electoral system

Dear fellow citizens! Despite all the protests of the civil society and opposition, in the absence of public consensus, contrary to the recommendations of foreign partners, the tandem Plahotniuc-Dodon intends to approve in the second, final, reading the so-called “mixed” election system until the end of spring-summer session of parliament, that is, until August 1st.

The purpose of these changes is to preserve the Plahotniuc regime, to keep Moldova in a state of “captured state”, to rob and destroy the people, to kill the country. In such conditions, elections turn into a farce. They are falsified and illegitimate from the beginning.

“Our Party” consistently contests against the proposed changes in the Electoral Code and recommends to conduct the elections under the current proportional system, under strict international control. Only after that it would be possible to discuss the changes in the electoral system.

Dear fellow citizens!

The parliamentary groups of the DPM and the SPRM can meet at any moment in plenary session, suddenly, and, to urgently vote for the “mixed” system. They want to take the society by surprise, expect to avoid mass protests because of the season of summer holidays, then to argue that in the society supposedly “consensus” prevails. We must destroy these plans of the criminal regime!

“Our Party” emphasizes that under the current electoral system, after the next election, Plahotniuc has almost no chance of maintaining the control over the parliament. His power will be destroyed and the criminal regime will inevitably fall.

However, under the “mixed” system, Plahotniuc wins the elections and obtains a majority in parliament. This means the preservation of the anti-popular, ruling criminal regime for indefinitely long period, the further catastrophic decline in living standard, the continued exodus of people from Moldova, the destruction of schools and hospitals, the liquidation of Moldova as a state.

“Our Party” calls upon all citizens of the Republic of Moldova to be ready at any time to participate in mass protest at the parliament building in order to declare a decisive “NO!” to Plahotniuc-Dodon’s plans to change the electoral system. “NO!” - to the anti-popular ruling regime, “NO!” – to the destruction of the people and the country!

Chisinau, July 12, 2017

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