“The Organized Crime Group headed by Plahotniuc fabricated evidence in the case against Usatyi”. “Our Party” has presented a number of requirements to the authorities

“Our Party” called for an immediate cessation of the persecution in the case of an attempt to murder the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov and also called for the criminal prosecution of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Inspectorate of Police and the Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organized Crime.

Thus, during the press conference, the vice-chairman of “Our Party”, Ilian Casu stated that the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc is currently playing a double political game, “at the national level, where he controls almost everything, and also an international political game in which the oligarch is involved”.

Casu stressed that the interview of Vitalie Proca reveals that the situation of Plahotniuc on the international arena is very fragile, “because, after a visit of Plahotniuc’s lackeys to Proca, he began to closely cooperate with Romanian law enforcement authorities. That is the biggest GBS problem - the Romanian prosecutors cannot be bribed”.

“This is a unique scandal, when not just a deputy, but the chairman of the ruling Democratic party, the coordinator of the ruling pro-European coalition, the man who intended to become prime minister, the vice-chairman of the Socialist International is accused of ordering a murder and taking cocaine” - continued the vice-chairman of “Our Party”, Dumitru Ciubasenco.

However, despite the sensational disclosure made by Proca, the Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office refuses to respond, calling everything a slander.

“Law enforcement authorities should respond and immediately arrest Plahotniuc, as well as stop the fabricated criminal case against Renato Usatyi. Certainly you remember, as one year ago after an interview with the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov, the prosecutor’s office immediately opened a criminal case against the politician”, - Casu added.

In this context, “Our Party” has presented a number of requirements to the authorities:

  1. Termination of criminal case against Renato Usatyi.
  2. Revocation of the arrest warrant in the name of Renato Usatyi.
  3. Criminal prosecution of the deputy head of the National Police Inspectorate - Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Alexandru Jizdan, the head of the Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organized Crime - Nicolae Chitoroaga, the deputy-head of the same authority - Vitalie Busuioc and the prosecutor Lilian Bacalim.
  4. Criminal prosecution of the following judges: Sergiu Bularu, Nicolae Corcea and Aureliu Postica.

“This group, “faked the evidence in the criminal case against Usatyi. They arrested innocent people” - the deputy chairman of “Our Party”, Elena Gritco added.

The leadership of “Our Party” also appealed to international community to “immediately react to the illegal actions taken by law enforcement authorities”. According to “Our Party”, the oligarch Plahotniuc does not abandon the attempts to exert pressure on Proca through his people, in order to force him to change his testimony. It should be noted that the testimony of Vitalie Proca regarding the involvement of Plahotniuc in the attempted murder of Gorbuntsov already appears in the criminal case opened in Great Britain.

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