The Dodon Party has determined the "corridor" of representation in the parliament for the Renato Usatii party (VIDEO)

The Party of Socialists, which became parliamentary in 2014 due to the organized exclusion of Renato Usatii and his party from the race, does not rule out further repressions of the party Usatii heads, making understand that the Usatii party will not be allowed to participate in elections through party lists.

One of the leaders of the PSRM, presidential secretary Ivan Cheban told in the MEGAFON program with Yuri Roshka on the NTV-Moldova TV channel owned by socialists that the initiative proposed by Igor Dodon for the introduction of a mixed electoral system could bring several deputies from Our Party of Renato Usatii who could pass under a “quota” of 25% of single-mandate candidates.

The representative of the Socialist Party defending his position was not even embarrassed by the clarification of the TV presenter that a completely different party was excluded from the race in 2014; its list was then headed by Renato Usatii, not the current Our Party. “Suppose that this would be the case,” Cheban insisted, “Then he could participate both as a party and with his quite decent mayors who could be single-mandate candidates today.”

In accordance with the voiced “formula” of socialists, the party of Renato Usatii could count on a part of the mandates from the 25% quota for single-mandate candidates.

It is noteworthy that such a formula was voiced by the Party of Socialists, which, in the opinion of the most analysts, became parliamentary due to the exclusion of Renato Usatii from the parliamentary elections in 2014. In addition, the representative of PSRM, Igor Dodon became president in November 2016 solely thanks to the support of the electors of Renato Usatii.

On Tuesday, the President Igor Dodon has confirmed assumptions on the coordinated position of oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk and the President Igor Dodon voiced earlier, and proposed to approve a mixed election system, where 51 deputies will be elected by lists and 50 deputies by single-mandate constituencies.

According to his proposal, in the parliament elected according to this system, 25 deputies will represent the Diaspora and Transnistria. According to Dodon’s intent, the remaining 25 deputies will be elected from the district of the right bank of Moldova.

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