Plahotniuc is a serial killer. Proca revealed the name of the true customer who is responsible for the organization of Gorbuntsov’s murder

The killer Vitalie Proca revealed the name of the true customer who is responsible for the organization of the murder of the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov – this is the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, the chairman of the Democratic party.

This was stated by Proca in an exclusive interview to Jurnal TV.

“I want to talk to German Gorbuntsov, the person I was attempting on. Four and a half years ago, he was ready to pay me a million pounds through a lawyer, to tell him the name. Yes, I pulled the trigger. Yes, I did it, but the customer is in another place. This is a contract from Plahotniuc”, - he said.

Proca stressed that he considers Plahotniuc as a serial killer and has good reason. “Plahotniuc became the person he is today by stepping over the dead bodies” – Proca declared.

“He [Plahotniuc] contacted me through Vanea Pisateli [Ion Druta], when I have financial problems. I borrowed a certain amount of money and when I was unable to repay the debt, they offered me ... “, added Proca, stressing that four people were involved in the attempt, and namely, he, Plahotniuc, Vanea Pisateli and Valeriu Halupa.

“From my release till my departure, unofficially or in the shadows, Plahotniuc was present, through various people. You understand, I was given 25 years, but then after 13 years I was released for a reason. They left me for one year, I was at home. They always give me money, packages. But at some point you become a debtor”, - Proca added.

Vitalie Proca also stated that he was ready to answer questions on the lie detector. But along with Vlad Plahotniuc - the customer who organized the murder of the banker. “Plahotniuc, I know what I did, you know what you ordered. It would be better to confess ...”- killer declared.

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