The police “did not see” violation of the law in the incident with the provocateurs who during the protest of June 11, were playing the role of “members of “Our Party” during the shooting of the defamatory footage on “Publica” tv channel.

In response to a complaint filed by “Our Party”, the general inspectorate of police stated in an official letter No. Ţ-33/17 of July 25, 2017 that “these actions do not violate any legal norms of the current legislation and it is not possible to bring them to justice.”

We recall that on June 11, during a mass civil protest against the “mixed” electoral system, a crew of “Publica” tv channel, which is under the control of the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, organized a series of provocative, prearranged shootings. In the fake footage made by the journalists of “Publica” channel participated stooge supposedly “opposition activists”- two young men dressed in t-shirts with the image of Renato Usatyi who introduced themselves as activists of “Our Party” and declared that they have been paid for participating in the protest and demonstratively drank beer in a public place.

Witnesses reported that the provocateurs arrived at the place of prearranged shooting under police protection, along with the reporter and the cameraman of “Publica” channel. Later, during a journalistic investigation of Balti Television Channel, two fake “demonstrators” have been identified. It was confirmed that these people have nothing to do with “Our Party” and are fake provocateurs who were hired by law enforcement officers.

These facts, together with photos and names of provocateurs, were indicated in the complaint submitted to the General Inspectorate of Police and the Prosecutor’s Office of Chisinau municipality, signed by the vice-chairman of “Our Party”, Nicolae Tipovici. Also “Our Party” held a press conference during which made public the facts of provocative activity of the tv channels under the control of Plahotniuc, together with the law enforcement bodies.

The plotting of Balti Television Channel, revealing the provocation of Publica television channel and law enforcement bodies.

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