Human rights defenders of “Freedom-Moldova” condemned the arrest of “Our Party” activists

The Human Rights Foundation “Freedom-Moldova” condemned the arrest of the activists of “Our Party”, Serghei Tomsa and Stanislav Vlasov. According to human rights defenders, the Court unjustifiably applied an exceptional measure of punishment to peaceful protesters.

This is mentioned in the Statement of Freedom Moldova distributed on Tuesday, August 8.

“The Freedom Moldova Foundation continues to monitor the situation regarding the detention of two protesters on July 19 – Serghei Tomsa and Stanislav Vlasov. On the day of the protest, the circumstances of their detention caused many questions about the police actions. Subsequently, both detainees received 10 days of administrative arrest for the so-called “resistance to a police officer,” the foundation statement reads.

In this connection, human rights defenders refer to the fact that the evidence that an offense had been committed by the activists of “Our Party” was not provided.

“No independent witness statements and video evidence of “resistance” was provided either during the trial or the general public. The court unreasonably applied an exceptional measure of punishment to peaceful protesters - administrative arrest. We consider that we have another example of police and judicial arbitrariness,” - the authors of the statement wrote.

“We are obliged to note that the cases when law enforcement officers dressed in civilian clothes, pulled out of the ranks of protesters and punished them in order to intimidate everyone else, has become a common police practice. We condemn the use of policemen for political purposes as provocateurs to discredit peaceful protests,” reads the statement.

Furthermore, “Freedom-Moldova” expresses its concern about the conditions of detention of protesters which, according to the statement, “did not comply with the basic safety standards, were inhuman and clearly aimed at intimidation.”

“The Freedom Moldova Foundation considers that on July 19, the police in a most flagrant way violated the rights of citizens to peaceful protest. The foundation draws attention to the fact that the police duty is to ensure order during the protests, including the safety of the protesters themselves”.

We recall that the activists of “Our Party”, Serghei Tomsa and Stanislav Vlasov were detained during a protest against the change in the electoral system, held in the evening, July 19. The next day the court sentenced them to ten days of arrest.

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