Bias is not a reason. The judge was not withdrawn from the case of Usatii, despite the sympathy to the public prosecutor

The Court rejected the claim of lawyers of Renato Usatii to withdraw Nicolae Korci, who has repeatedly made his decisions in favor of the prosecutor Vitaly Busuyok. This decision was made by the court of the capital sector Center on Friday May 19.

Lawyers of Renato Usatii sent a request for withdrawal even before. According to lawyers, Korci has already spoken as part of the criminal case against the leader of Our Party. For example, the judge rejected the defense’s request to oblige the prosecutor Busuyok to clarify the accusation to Usatii. Moreover, by the decision of Korci, lawyers were denied in presentation of evidence of the Prosecutor General’s petition to the UK for legal aid, where, as is known, a criminal case was initiated similar to that against Usatii in Moldova – on the fact of assassination attempt against the Russian banker German Gorbuntsov.

“From our point of view, he [the judge] can no longer consider a petition on annulment of the decision of the charge,” – the lawyer Anatol Istrate said even on the eve, commenting on the request for withdrawal of Korci.

Recall that yesterday the lawyers demanded withdrawal of the prosecutor Vitaly Busuyok, citing the fact that he is in a conflict of interest. However, the judge Nicolae Korci considered legitimate continuation of the investigation of Renato Usatii’s case by this prosecutor, rejecting the claims of lawyers.

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