The trial of the leader of Our Party is acknowledged as a political

The human rights organization Freedom Moldova acknowledged the trial of the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, political, and suspected the authorities of trying to prevent the return of the opposition politician to Moldova.

Thus, as stated in the report, “Renato Usatii is accused of attempting to commit a contract killing of banker G. Gorbuntsov, which occurred in London and was carried out by a killer from Moldova. According to media reports, Gorbuntsov since 2008 was the owner of the Moldovan Universalbank. This bank quickly lost financial stability, which it had in 2005-06. In 2011, by a court decision, the shares of the bank were arrested, and then put up for sale in repayment of the owner’s debts to creditors. (Gorbuntsov declared this a raider attack). The shares were purchased by an offshore company, but already from 2012, according to the National Bank’s decision, banking license was withdrawn from Universalbank because of numerous violations of the banking legislation.”

“It was Mustachian who repeatedly clarified what exactly Universalbank was doing when it was owned by Gorbuntsov: money laundering, appropriation of depositors’ money, and so on. Gorbuntsov is indeed a person involved in a number of criminal cases initiated in Moldova by the Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Corruption. Nevertheless, according to the prosecution’s version, it was Usatii who attempted to appropriate the Universalbank’s shares for himself by a raider attack, and in March 2012, allegedly committed an attempt on Gorbuntsov. Gorbuntsov repeatedly changed his point of view, calling individuals from Russia and then Usatii the orderers of assassination attempt, but after that he stated that he was ready to apologize to Usatii for these accusations,” – the text of the report says.

“In the end of 2016, Gorbuntsov again accused Usatii of the attempt, moreover, saying that he had information that Usatii tried to transfer money to the killer, so that he would deny his involvement in the attempt. According to the prosecutor’s office, after that people were arrested who allegedly mediated in the transfer of money to the killer in order to influence his testimony. After that, in the midst of the 2016 election campaign for the presidential elections (where Our Party actively participated), a mandate was issued to arrest Usatii. The mandate for the arrest remains in force to date (i.e., already for six months!), and according to the prosecutor’s office – Usatii is also on the international wanted list.

It should be noted that there is much uncertainty in this case, but it should be borne in mind that Usatii’s lawyers claim numerous procedural violations when issuing and extending the arrest warrant, including that the prosecutor’s office and the court ignore the fact and the progress of the investigation of this case in the UK. Usatii, in turn, claims that he also has serious evidence about the true orderer of the attempt (according to him, this is the chairman of the Democratic Party V. Plakhotnyuk) and the reasons why Gorbuntsov accuses him (in exchange, he was promised that criminal cases would be closed).

“Moreover, Renato Usatii has the status of a witness in Romania, where the killer is serving a prison term, and cooperates with Romanian law enforcement agencies in this case,” – the authors write.

In conclusion, the authors of the report stated that “in any case, the situation with the investigation of this case (with the ongoing the arrest warrant of R. Usatii) has been unduly prolonged, which causes suspicion that the aim is not to search for the truth, but to prevent the return of the opposition politician and the mayor of Beltsy to Moldova.”

The criminal case against the chairman of Our Party Renato Usatii was initiated last autumn on suspicion of fraud. Subsequently, another one was initiated – on suspicion of attempted murder of the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov. On the basis of two criminal cases, he was put on the international wanted list.


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