Plakhotnyuk’s propaganda tries to prevent protests of Our Party

TV channels and Internet sites controlled by the coordinator of the ruling coalition of Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, spread “news” that people are allegedly forced to go out to the protest against the current government, organizeв by Our Party in Beltsy on Sunday, May 21. These “news” are completely false and fabricated.

Fabrication of fake “news” has long become a signature style of the Plakhotnyuk’s propaganda. Fakes produced by this lie factory are no surprise. The very attempts to denigrate the protests against the Plakhotnyuk’s regime confirm that the regime is afraid of the people’s anger. Vain attempts of the authorities to bring down a wave of indignation of the majority of citizens are doomed to failure. Thousands of people will go out for marches and rallies of Our Party on Saturday, May 20, in Comrat, and Sunday, May 21, in Beltsy without any coercion, at the call of their own heart to say “No!” to lawlessness perpetrated by the Plakhotnyuk’s regime.

Our Party press-service

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