Renato Usatyi: The lawyer Cijicenco as a witness can be liquidated by Plahotniuc

The next victim of Plahotniuc may be the lawyer Cijicenco - an important witness to the crimes of the oligarch. This lawyer acted as an emissary and tried to bribe Vitalie Proca, in order to slander the leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi.

Vitalie Proca who was condemned in Romania, in an exclusive interview to “Jurnal TV” communicated that the only customer of the murder of the “black banker” German Gorbuntsov was the oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc. After this interview, there are solid grounds to immediately bring the oligarch Plahotniuc to criminal liability. Renato Usatyi on air commented on honest confessions of Vitalie Proca.

According to the chairman of “Our Party”, the life of Radu Cijicenco is in danger. “Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he can be found dead somewhere at the bottom of the lake,” – Renato Usatyi said.

“Now, he is not just a witness, he is an incredibly dangerous witness”, - the opposition politician said. In his opinion, Cijicenco made a serious mistake when he met Proca in prison: “He gave Proca a text written by hand, which Proca should just rewrite. Any expertise can prove the authenticity of handwriting”. “Moreover, all conversations between Proca and Cijicenco were recorded by the competent authorities of Romania, and they have hours of recording!” – Usatyi added.

According to the chairman of “Our Party”, Cijicenco may not be the only victim of the oligarch, “because tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they can get rid of Druta [the suspect in the case of attempted murder against German Gorbuntsov – Ion Druta], who knows Plahotniuc for about 20 years, and this is well known by almost all policemen, businessmen, bandits in Moldova”.

As previously reported in the press, the lawyer Radu Cijicenco acted as an intermediary between the oligarch’s right hand, the secretary general of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Constantin Botnari and the killer Vitalie Proca. Cijicenco was the man who passed the slanderous “paper”, according to which he was not acquainted with Plahotniuc, and the customer of the murder of Gorbuntsov was allegedly Renato Usatyi.

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