Renato Usatyi about the “film made by Plahotniuc”: the DPM junta is preparing to seize the power definitively

Usatyi commented on the premiere expected today of the slanderous “film”, made by order of Plahotniuc.

“Today a film made by Plahotniuc’s men for Gorbuntov money will be launched. I warned about it in my documentary investigation “Moldova - the territory of lawlessness”, relying on the intercepted correspondence data. The investigation referred to this film (screenshots are attached)”, Renato Usatyi wrote in Facebook.

“The fact that today it will be launched confirms the authenticity of all the correspondence on which the investigation was based. The terms of the premiere coincided. This film was made not to ruin my image. They tried unsuccessfully to ruin it for more than one year. It is something else. After the film, a massive attack on my political formation is planned. People, supposedly, after watching a fantastic action movie, should leave “Our Party”. From the middle of summer, the preparation (blackmail, bribery attempts and other methods used by Plahotniuc’s men) is conducted in all districts,”- Usatyi stressed.

“Socialists will be the next. The President may be removed by impeachment and charged under a serious article. As far as I understand, they will try to put him in jail for the crime of “betraying the Motherland”. Then the faction of the SPRM in the parliament will begin to fall. In recent period, it became obvious that Plahotniuc intends to completely clean up the so-called left flank. The process of the final seizure of power by the DPM junta is nearing completion. P.S. After a while, I will be live. Plahotniuc wouldn’t like what I will tell and show. Here are some examples, and then we will discuss everything together.”

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