Renato Usatyi: Treat the child as a beginner adult!

The leader of “Our Party” on his social network page congratulated the Moldovan children and their parents on the International Children’s Day

“I hardly think children read Facebook - most of them are in Instagram, so here I will say a few words to parents. Children’s Day is an occasion. Love your children for who they are. Each of them is a personality. Don’t try to adapt the child for yourself and often remember how you were at their age. Just remember honestly. Treat the child as a beginner adult, without any of these cutie-cutie, especially when you are talking about a person who has more than 10 years. The main need of a teenager is to be an adult. And remember, your child is the best, no matter what. I congratulate all people, adult and children, on this holiday. Let’s love each other, understand and feel sorry for”, - Renato Usatyi wrote, emphasizing that “today in Moldova thousands of children live without parents, with grandparents or in orphanages”.

“The main task of a healthy state is to take care of them today, and tomorrow to arrange for parents to work in their country, and not leave their children in their Homeland. We will certainly build this healthy state”, - Usatyi added.

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