Renato Usatyi intends to return to Moldova

Renato Usatyi in the air of TV8 channel, revealed some details of his plan to return to Moldova, given that his case is now removed from the Interpol database and he can travel freely on the territory of the European countries. The politician does not exclude that he will enter Moldova through Romania.

Renato Usatyi intends to return to Moldova, “to overthrow the government “. The leader of Our Party also commented on the rumors spread by the Party of Socialists that he allegedly arranged for his return with Vladimir Plahotniuc:

- I just want to assure you of one thing: the situation, when both Usatyi and Plahotniuc are living in Moldova, is excluded in principle. I will return to give him a fight: and either after my return, Plahotniuc will disappear from Moldova, or I will be in prison”, - Renato Usatyi said.

It should be reminded that Renato Usatyi in the air of the program “Politica” on TV8 channel, showed a certificate, that proved his removal from the Interpol database.

This document was issued by the General Secretariat of Interpol. On the basis on several requests to law enforcement bodies of various states and study of documents, Interpol recognized the request of the Moldovan side as completely politically motivated.

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