Renato Usatii thanks SunStroke Project band for record result on Eurovision

Renato Usatii met with SunStroke Project band in Moscow and thanked the guys for promotion of Moldova in the international arena.

“I am very happy. Your performance glorified Moldova for the whole world. I am sure that all Moldovan citizens, irrespective of their nationality, are proud of your result. I have always treated the creative bands that promote our country in the international arena with great respect,” – Usatii said.
Also, in an interview with SunStroke Project, Renato Usatii asked the guys about a small favor: “Greet the residents of Beltsy and the inhabitants of the cities, where you will play. I really miss them and I hope that we will hold the next event with you.”
In response, the band thanked Renato Usatii for his support.
Recall that earlier, the leader of Our Party has promised to send ten thousand dollars to SunStroke Project band, who showed a great result at Eurovision. For the first time in the history of Moldova’s participation in the competition, the country has won the third place.

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