Renato Usatyi congratulated teachers of Moldova on the World Teachers’ Day!

The mayor of Balti addressed congratulations to the teachers of Moldova on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, an international holiday, which is celebrated annually, on October 5.

“All professions are important, but to be a teacher is a vocation, a mission. Good words are not enough when we refer to the gratitude for teachers, - Renato Usatyi wrote in Facebook. - Responsive and attentive, severe, but fair, caring and responsible. For many of us teachers are second parents. They are always ready to listen and understand, give advice and explain. They will give you the best start in life. I was lucky from this point of view from the very beginning - I was born and grew up in a family in which both parents were teachers. Dearly beloved, you not only give your children the most important knowledge about this world, your own example clearly reveals how to live there, maintaining dignity and honor”.

“A teacher, like a writer, is also an engineer of human souls. I warmly congratulate you on the holiday and wish you all blessings, health and longevity. May your activity bring only joy, and the successes of the pupils become a source of inspiration. I wish you love, patience and happiness” – Usatyi wrote.

On the eve of the professional holiday, a ceremonial meeting dedicated to the World Teacher’s Day was held in the building of the National Theater “Vasile Alecsandri” in Balti city. The representatives of the administration of Balti municipality congratulated teachers and the best of them have been awarded with diplomas and prizes.

UNESCO proclaimed October 5 to be World Teachers’ Day in 1994. On this day in 1966, during an intergovernmental conference in Paris, UNESCO and the International Labor Organization (ILO) have adopted the Recommendations concerning the Status of Teachers - the first international document on the legal status of education staff members.

World Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to draw attention to the problems of teachers at the national and world levels.

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