Renato Usatyi congratulated the railway workers: you connect countries, cities, peoples and economies

Renato Usatyi congratulated the railway workers of Moldova on their professional holiday, which is celebrated annually on the first Sunday in August.

Annually on the first Sunday of August is celebrated the Railway Workers’ Day. For the first time, the holiday was established in tsarist times and the date was arranged to coincide with the birthday of Emperor Nicholas I, who created a railway in the Russian Empire. In Soviet period, the holiday was deferred by one month, - he wrote in Facebook. - Life is often compared with the road. My life is connected with it in a literal sense. Probably, this is one of the most important, and at the same time, romantic industries. Thousands of people every day get on the trains - these hotels on wheels, to fall asleep in one place and wake up hundreds of kilometers away from it. Millions of tons of cargo are crossing daily countries - rail freight transport has been and remains the fundamental part of the continent’s transport system.

By the way, it is impossible to talk about railway in connection with a particular state. All representatives of the industry, whether in Moldova, Russia, or in any country, are actually working in the same team. Railway workers do the most important work. Unlike politicians, they connect countries, cities, peoples and economies. I congratulate everyone who celebrates the professional holiday today. I wish you happiness and prosperity, health, new achievements and inexhaustible vitality.

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