Renato Usatyi: betrayal - the main and only result of one year of Dodon’s presidency

One year has passed since Igor Dodon was elected president of the country. Within a year the Moldovan society heard nothing but loud promises and empty threats. Joint appointments with the Democratic Party of officials and judges, changes in laws on the orders of Plahotniuc and many other “achievements” have clearly showed the political identity of Igor Dodon. The leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi announced on his Facebook page the results of one year of presidency of Igor Dodon.

“One year since Igor Dodon won the presidential elections in the second round. He was politically united to Maia Sandu with the promise to put an end to Plahotniuc’s regime, only a declarative foreign policy vector was different. Pro-Russian, in Dodon’s case.

People voted for two opponents who spoke against the DPM’s clan. Pro-east and pro-west were already a matter of taste, superstructure. Dodon and Sandu signed a public promise not to cooperate with the Democratic Party. Now, one of them completely dissolved into DPM, fulfilled all its whims, starting with appointments, and ending with the nomination of the mixed system. Socialists respond to the criticisms of Dodon with the argument that he is a wise politician who does not go straight ahead and, in general, they say that politics is the art of the possible. Typical explanations that sound when one has to justify betrayal - the main and only result of one year of Dodon’s presidency”.

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