Renato Usatyi described the plans of Plahotniuc on his physical elimination

The oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, leader of the Democratic Party, ordered the physical elimination of the mayor of Balti Renato Usatyi.

This was stated by Renato Usatyi in his video message on social networks, noting that the task of Usatyi’s elimination is put before Plahotniuc’s confidant - the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Alexandru Jizdan.

Usatyi informed that according to the information which has come to his attention from oligarch’s circle, „the problem must be solved before January 10”. „Not later than January 10, Renato Usatyi had to be brought to Moldova alive or dead. This is what he said to Sasha Jizdan, - Usatyi mentioned.

Addressing the executor of order Alexandru Jizdan, the leader of „Our Party” reported that all the members of his group who will take part in his kidnaping or physical liquidation, „will find themselves either in the preliminary detention cell or in the cemetery of „economy variant” somewhere 50 km from Moscow”. „And of course, on absolutely legal grounds”, - Usatyi specified, in order to avoid interpretations „about threats to the police officers”.

In this regard, Renato Usatyi warned Jizdan and his perpetrators of „hasty steps”, recalling the involvement of the current minister in a number of crimes, including an ordered murder in the centre of Chisinau.

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