Renato Usatyi: Vanea Pisateli collaborates with Plahotniuc from prison (DOC)

Renato Usatyi presented hard evidence of “friendship” existing between Vanea Pisateli and Plahotniuc. The leader of “Our Party” published on his Facebook page a post, proving the regular access to Internet of Vanea Pisateli (Ion Druta), who is now held in Penitentiary No. 13 - in Chisinau pre-trial detention center. Once again, it appears that any statement made by Plahotniuc is a lie, still badly fabricated. Vanea Pisateli can regularly coordinate his actions with the customer of the attempted murder of German Gorbuntsov - Vlad Plahotniuc, and the screenshots provide an irrefutable evidence of this fact.

“This is a direct proof that Vanea Pisateli collaborate with Plahotniuc being in prison. The popular version disseminated by Plahotniuc’s TV channels that the letter of the convict Vanea Pisateli, which appeared on November 4, in Facebook, with “congratulations for Renato Usatyi” allegedly was transmitted through his wife is a lie, like everything that Plahotniuc says.

The convicted Vanea Pisateli has permanent access to Facebook. A group of talented students found that the last entry to Vanea Pisateli in Facebook account was made on November 4, at 14:17:52, from an Android device connected to the Orange Wi-Fi network. Now, you can all see the place where this entry to Vanea Pisateli Facebook account was made. The location (latitude and longitude) of the device with the IP address at the time of the last login to Facebook account ion.druta1 had the following coordinates - latitude: 47,01023312403808, longitude: 28,836540766060352, between the streets A. Mateevici and Ismail. If anyone does not know what is located there, I will clarify - this is the Penitentiary institution No. 13, known to the people as Pre-trial detention center No. 13. On the same day, he entered to Facebook account twice more, also from prison.

Please, pay attention to the data presented in the table: the entrance to his Facebook page is carried out more or less regularly from different IP-addresses.

I think during next briefing it would be very simple for Plahotniuc to tell the press how the prisoner Vanea Pisateli regularly and unchecked uses a telephone in prison with free access to Internet” - Renato Usatyi wrote.

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