URGENTLY! Usatyi resigns: Now Balti needs a mayor on the spot

In a live broadcast on TV8 channel in “Politica” program, the chairman of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi said that he decided to resign from the position of Mayor of Balti.

He explained his decision by the fact that in this situation the city needs a mayor on the spot to withstand the attacks of the central authorities. Thus, in Balti there will be local elections on May 20, in a single voting day. “Our Party” will participate in the elections. According to the leader of “Our Party”, Nicolai Grigorisin, the current vice mayor of Balti, can be nominated as a candidate.

- I resign honestly, so that everyone can prepare for the elections, which will be held on May 20.

Renato Usatyi stressed that he leaves Balti “with a full budget, without corruption schemes”. All the commitments undertaken by Renato Usatyi before the youth, sportsmen will be fulfilled, - the leader of “Our Party” stressed.

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