One hundred thousand lei from Renato Usatyi - for the repair of the only school and kindergarten in Iserlia village

Renato Usatyi Foundation of allocated one hundred thousand lei to repair the kindergarten and schools in Iserlia village. The money was allocated to the village on the occasion of the Temple holiday.

So, according to Elena Gritco, the chairman of Renato Usatyi Foundation, who participated in the ceremonial presentation of the certificate with the amount of one hundred thousand lei, “the money was donated on the occasion of the Temple holiday of Iserlya village, Basarabeasca district.”

According to Gritco, over a third of the funds will be directed to repair the food unit of the local school - without it, it will not be able to work in the next school year.

“The other part will be allocated for repair of the kindergarten roof. In this sense, the happiest were the children. The goal is achieved - Renato Usatyi gives happiness to people! “, wrote the fund chairman.

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