The court took the side of the „black banker”: the court put into cold storage Gorbuntsov’s case on the attempted murder of Renato Usatyi

The court of Chisinau rejected the complaint of the lawyers of the leader of “Our Party” on dismissal of the criminal case against the “black banker” German Gorbuntov on the attempted murder of Renato Usatyi. The court rendered the appropriate decision on Friday.

The decision of dismissal of the criminal case against Gorbuntov was taken by the prosecutor Lilian Bacalim just ten days before opening a “symmetrical” criminal case against Renato Usatyi in which Renato Usatyi was accused of the organization of the attempt, and the victim was the “black banker”.

At the same time, while according to the legislation, the parties should be notified of the termination of criminal case as soon as possible, Renato Usatyi, who appears in the case as a victim, was informed only three months after the case closure.

Subsequently, the lawyers of the leader of “Our Party” filed a complaint to the prosecutor’s office, which, however, has failed. As a result, the legal representatives of Usatyi appealed against Bacalim’s decision already in court.

It is noticeable that during the trial the defence has revealed additional circumstances and evidence proving the organization by German Gorbuntov of the attempted murder of the leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi.

Furthermore, the trial was accompanied by such serious violations as, for example, an attempt to hide the materials of the criminal case from the lawyers, a large number of procedural violations, as well as a conflict of interests – the prosecutor Vitalie Busuioc, who initiated a case against Usatyi, participated in the process of termination of the criminal case against Gorbuntov.

The layers of Renato Usatyi already intend to appeal the decision of the first instance in the Appeals Chamber.

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