Usatîi to the citizens of Beltsy: "We can solve the issue with homeless animals only together"

Although the construction of a home for stray dogs is nearing completion, it is only possible to solve this issue with the help of the citizens of Beltsy. The mayor of the northern capital and the leader of Our Party called them not to remain indifferent. Renato Usatii said that already now animals are being caught and sterilized by veterinarians. And now the citizens of Beltsy can find themselves a four-footed friend right in the veterinary clinic.

“While a home for stray animals is being built in Beltsy, they are being caught and sterilized. Specialists deal with dogs: four-footed animals are brought to a veterinary clinic, where they undergo surgery,” Usatîi wrote on his Facebook page.

“The dog home will exactly be built this year. But we can solve the issue with homeless animals only together with the city inhabitants. You can not create a dog home that would accommodate several thousand dogs. If someone needs a dog, you can go to the clinic near the city lake now, and choose the one you like. Show humanity and compassion. You can bring food for dogs there. Be engaged to the act of kindness, at least at this stage,” –the Mayor of Beltsy added.

Renato Usatîi has also stressed that “after the construction of the home for dogs and the end of sterilization process, the population of stray animals will decrease significantly within a few years”.

Recall, a home for stray dogs is under construction in Molotovo district of Beltsy now. It is expected that the total area of the home will be 8,600 square meters. Areas with boxes under the awning and a playground for walking of 3,600 square meters will be located there. The project is financed from personal funds of Renato Usatîi.

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