Usatyi about the plans on the construction of US military facilities in Moldova: it is sad that this happens under the so-called pro-Russian president

Renato Usatyi has sharply commented the information on the plans regarding the construction of eight US military facilities in the Republic of Moldova and called the course taken by the ruling regime as “extremely dangerous”.

“In order to maintain the American protection, in order to retain control over the territory into which our country turned, the Moldovan regime will do anything. The plans of the US army for the construction of eight military facilities here are not surprising, but they are alarming. The next manifestation of pro-American loyalty can be anything, and this is extremely dangerous, wrote Renato Usatyi in Facebook.

- All healthy forces of society must resist actions that violate the constitutional neutrality of the state. Namely, neutrality is the guarantee of peace on the Moldovan land with a frozen Transnistrian conflict, - “Our Party” leader stressed. Any steps taken by Chisinau authorities that violate the non-aligned status defers to a latter the prospect of the unification of the country, and Moldova without Transnistria will very quickly lose the last formal attributes of statehood.”

Usatyi noted that this unprecedented step towards building up the US military presence in Moldova occurred under Igor Dodon, who defines himself as a “pro-Russian” president.

“It is sad that all this happens under the so-called pro-Russian president. An eloquent example of what happens when flirting with the criminal authorities,” - Usatyi wrote.

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