Plahotniuc puts his hands on all opposition parties. Everything he touches turns into mud

“Everything that Plahotniuc and the DPM touch turns into mud. Plahotniuc knows it. Therefore, he is touching with pleasure the opposition parties - Renato Usatyi wrote in Facebook, commenting on Plahotniuc’s statements regarding the readiness of the DPM to form an alliance with the right-wing parties.

- Before the election of 2016, he declared that Sandu’s victory would be preferable for him than Dodon’s victory, but it turned out exactly the opposite. Today he is doing the same trick, speaking about the future alliance with the right-wing parties and boycotting the referendum on resignation of Chirtoaca. The role of socialists is to point fingers at the right-wing parties screaming with triumph: “You see, we always said that they are all in it together” - Renato Usatyi said.

It should be reminded that during a briefing held on October 3, Vladimir Plahotniuc said that the Democratic Party is ready to enter into an alliance with any right-wing party that will enter parliament following the results of the 2018 elections.

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