Usatyi: We will participate in the elections with two parties - let them think which one to remove

Renato Usatyi on the air of Politica program on TV8 channel told how “Our Party” will defeat the regime of oligarch Plahotniuc and will lead the team to Parliament. He said that “Our Party” will participate in the elections on the lists of two parties.

- One party will be “Our Party”, the second, let’s call it provisionally, “Our Party-2.” In both will be our people. Let them think which one to remove – the leader Renato Usatyi declared.

He also specified that he will lead the election lists of one of the parties, and another formation - one of the deputy chairmen of “Our Party”. According to him, this is necessary in case Plahotniuc tries to remove “Our Party” from the pre-election race.

“If the will ban one of the parties, I will tell people to vote for another, because in the second party also are our people. If they will not ban it, then at the last moment one of our parties will leave the race - Renato Usatyi added.

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