Usatii called on everyone to continue the protests: "Every day there will be more and more of us. And the regime has fewer chances"

The leader of Our Party called on all citizens of Moldova to continue and intensify their protest against plans of Plakhotnyuk and Dodon to change the electoral system, against the attempt of the ruling regime to finally complete the seizure of the Moldovan state. Renato Usatii made this statement on Facebook on Sunday, when a mass protest was held near the parliament building, organized by a number of opposition parties and public organizations.

“I always said that Our Party will support the protests that support dismantling of the current criminal regime. The OP activists were in the center of Kishinev today, where the citizens gathered to express their attitude to the attempts of the ruling party to change the electoral system and further completely finally seize the state,” the OP leader wrote.

Renato Usatii bitterly condemned the actions of Moldovan President Igor Dodon, who colluded with oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk and actively participates in the scenarios of the criminal ruling regime. Dodon “betrayed everyone who voted for him,” and the people will not forgive him for this betrayal, Usatii stated: “It is a pity that we are forced to state the fact of collusion between the Democratic Party of Vladimir Plakhotnyuk and the Socialist Party of Igor Dodon. A year and a half ago, the current president stood with us in the square, advocating dismantling of the oligarchic regime. Today he is on the other side of the barricades, so we say “No” to the collusion of Plakhotnyuk and Dodon. The latter, using a huge credit of trust from citizens and the Russian Federation, betrayed the people of Moldova, betrayed all those who voted for him, betrayed Our Party, which supported him in the second round of elections,” – Usatii said. – “The President could make one public statement, hold one press conference calling for protests to deliver a winning stroke to Plakhotnyuk. But he chose Condrita, a motorcade, a palace, official receptions and awards. Dodon placed his personal ambitions and fears of the oligarch above the interests of citizens, and he will not be forgiven for this.”

The leader of Our Party called for the continuation and intensification of protests, which must cover the entire country in order to eliminate the criminal regime that seized Moldova. “Now everyone should realize complexity and danger of the situation in which the country turned out to be. Citizens can only rely on themselves. This is a real lesson on maturity of the Moldovan nation. We will put an end to this junta, with these bandits and conspirators, or we will perish,” – Renato Usatii said. – “Protests will continue. And I call for civil responsibility, first of all, of the residents of the capital. History is being made here and now. As long as the residents of Kishinev do not start mass rallying, the victory will get away from us. I understand that people want to spend weekends in peace and quiet, I understand that someone wants to sleep, but we must not oversleep the Motherland, our future, the future of our children. I am grateful to everyone who came today to the center of Kishinev realizing this.

There we will be more and more of us every day. And the regime has fewer chances. I believe that we will definitely win.”

On Sunday, May 14 in Kishinev, after a series of daily flash mobs at the parliament building, a mass protest was held, organized by civil society. Supporters of Our Party, Platform “Dignity and Truth”, “Action and Solidarity”, LDPM, PSRM joined the rally. Over five thousand people came to protest, despite the obstacles of the authorities.

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