Usatyi: An agreement on the creation of a coalition has already been reached between Dodon and Plahotniuc

On the air of “Politica”, the leader of “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi, stated that “Dodon and the Party of Socialists controlled by him have done everything to ensure that no one could threaten them”.

According to the leader of “Our Party”, an agreement on the creation of a coalition after the parliamentary elections has already been reached between Dodon and Plahotniuc. Officially, Plahotniuc can declare that he is leaving political arena, “as he had already done before”, Renato Usatyi noted. Thus, Igor Dodon will be able to present this coalition (both in Moldova and Moscow) as some kind of his victory.

- They have reached an agreement - and I say it with full responsibility. Dodon several times flew to Moscow, there are businessmen with whom he spoke, there are other people ... Dodon said clearly that after the elections he will form a coalition with Plahotniuc and even explained how they will do it.

Igor Dodon deliberately refused a range of things that would guarantee the majority of leftist forces in parliament. And the constitutional majority. If Igor Dodon wanted a center-left coalition, he would not have spoken about the 6 percent threshold to parliament, he would not have fought with all the leftist parties, he would not have voted for the mixed system. He tells you all that the Party of Socialists will win the majority in parliament ... On television, he says one thing, and behind the cameras – something quite different: he says that together with Plahotniuc he obtains about 70 mandates in the parliamentary elections. At the same time, Dodon is brazenly lying that he has nothing to do with Plahotniuc. And so that there would be no criticism against the Party of Socialists, so that there would not be a Maidan or anything else, under certain security guarantees, Plahotniuc will announce that he is leaving politics. So he has left politics many times before, “Renato Usatyi, leader of “Our Party”, told about Plahotniuc and Dodon’s plans.

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