Helping citizens: Our Party activists cleared roads and sidewalk

With a chainsaw and shovels, activists of Our Party cleared several sections of the capital streets, littered with snow and branches as a result of the rough weather.

“Together with several colleagues, we unblocked part of Petru Movile street. Now cars can also drive this road,” - said the municipal councilor of Kishinev, the vice-chairman of Our Party Ilian Kashu, while emphasizing that “citizens and the president are struggling with the disaster consequences in different ways.”

Meanwhile, by the efforts of the activists of Our Party, they managed to clear Marii Chebotar street from fallen trees and branches. Three trees fell on the power line there, almost knocking down the pole. Thus, party activists responded to requests for help from the citizens, who were stuck in snow for the second consecutive day.

The strongest snowfalls in Moldova continued on Friday as well. As a result, in Kishinev alone, about two thousand trees fell, which along with the snowy roads actually blocked the Moldovan capital, while the townspeople had to go to work on foot. The state of emergency was announced in the capital only on Friday morning, and the decree on the use of army forces in the fight against the disaster was signed by the president, Igor Dodon, even later.

However, regions suffered from a natural disaster no less. As of Friday morning, over 500 settlements were partially or completely de-energized throughout Moldova, while traffic was suspended on a number of national routes. Experts call the behavior of the authorities in this situation shameful and unprofessional.

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