Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that citizens' protests are an effective way to fight with the oligarchs who seized Moldova

“The will expression of the people in the form of protests is the most effective method of fighting against the oligarchs who seized power in Moldova,” the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes. He expressed this opinion at the hearing “LDPR – 30 years on the political Olympus”, answering the question of the vice-chairman of Our Party, Elena Gritsko about methods of resistance of citizens.

Thus, Gritsko said to the politician that in modern “Moldova there are political prisoners, there are arrests of Our Party’s activists, and the republic is seized by oligarchs”.

“It is proper to call people to the streets and demand respect to the Constitution so that people are not caught and not be detained. In this sense, we believe that all your actions will be right,” Zhirinovsky said.

He believes that “Moldova is now ruled by the oligarch Plakhotnyuk.”

“What did the Moldavians fought 26 years ago for when they left the Soviet Union? They wanted democracy, and the opposition is in prison! They wanted a good living. It exists for a few people, and the rest became even poorer. Those who shook the USSR are to blame for this,” the Russian politician believes.

He believes that other political forces of Moldova are ready to correct these mistakes.

“And LDPR is ready to support you in this. Because your actions are absolutely right – you want to punish those who plundered the whole of Moldova and are in power for the most part illegally. Those who do not allow such political formations as Our Party to take part in elections should be punished,” the leader of LDRP believes, whom Our Party has signed an agreement on cooperation with.

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