“The governance is cynical and shameless.” “Our Party” held an action in defense of Moldovan pensioners

Several dozens of activists of “Our Party” held a protest in front of the General Post Office against the intention of the Moldovan authorities to oblige pensioners to receive pensions themselves at post offices. According to the leaders of the party, the authorities launched an outright genocide against one of the most socially vulnerable categories of the population.

The action, which gathered several dozen people, was held on Monday, October 2nd.

As the vice-chairman of “Our Party”, Ilian Casu said during the flashmob, explaining on the nature of the action, “the decision of the head of the State Enterprise “Posta Moldovei”, which is controlled by the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, provides that pensioners will receive a pension at home for a separate “fee”, which varies depending on settlement”. He stressed that the action was organized as a result of multiple meetings with residents of Moldovan villages.

“This is a criminal act of the governance, which intends to save money on the most vulnerable category of society. We are here to deliver a message to the entire Moldovan society - such actions from a state enterprise are inadmissible”.

The colleague of Casu, the vice-chairman of “Our Party”, Dumitru Ciubasenco, stressed that “since October 1st, “Posta Moldovei” has canceled the service of the free delivery of pensions to the house. In many mayors’ offices, announcements have already been posted that pensioners should themselves come to the post office for pension, except for the disabled people and bedridden patients”.

“Such decisions violate the Constitution, which stipulates that a socially-oriented market economy operates in Moldova. This decision is antisocial and is aimed at humiliating people”, - Ciubasenco stressed.

According to him, this decision demonstrates the “cynicism and shamelessness of the authorities. This cynicism and insolence can be countered by one thing -

our ability to resists. “Our Party” is the party that resists this regime, despite all repressions”.

“In fact, today we submit the demands of pensioners”, said Elena Gritco, vice-chairman of the party, referring to the chief of “Posta Moldovei”: “unglue from yours soft armchairs and go to Baimaclia, for example, and see how pensioners live there”.

“The situation in the villages is an outright genocide against the most vulnerable people in this country - pensioners. “Our Party” insists on annulment of this decision” - she summed up.

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