Statement of "Our Party" in connection with the intentions of the Plahotniuc regime to launch a new war on the Dniester

On June 2, “Our Party” held a protest action at the office of the Democratic Party of Moldova demanding that the anti-Russian pressurization be stopped by the unconstitutional regime of Plahotniuc, which leads to the undermining of regional stability and the unfreezing of the armed conflict in Transnistria. Unfortunately, after this the situation worsened, confirming the conclusions of “Our Party” that “Plahotniuc is a provocateur” and “Plahotniuc is a war”.

In his criminal desire to retain power and save the stolen, the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc is ready to go on another crime against the people - to launch a new bloodshed on the Dniester - in the expectation that “the war will all write off.”

Plahotniuc tries unilaterally, undeclared, to repeal the Agreement on Principles for the Peaceful Settlement of the Armed Conflict in the Transnistrian Region of the Republic of Moldova of July 21, 1992. Refusal of this fundamental document, thanks to which blood has not flowed on the Dniester for a quarter of a century, means a violation of the status quo and a return to the situation of armed conflict.

By provocations on the Transnistrian direction, the regime intend to divert attention from the Plahotniuc-Dodon tandem plans to abandon the proportional system of parliamentary elections, the preservation of which means the death of this regime.

The coordinator of the ruling coalition provokes a new war on the Dniester, hoping to escape responsibility for crimes that are committed by the authorities under his control.

In the next fratricidal war - if it, God forbids, happen - ordinary soldiers, policemen and, most sadly, civilians will die. Criminals, who provoke such a war, will not send their children to such war. On the contrary, they will still try to profit on the war, as they have done from stealing a billion from the banking system.

Having seized power in Moldova, the oligarch Plahotniuc destroys everything he touches. He killed the Constitution, broke the law enforcement and judicial system. He destroys the current electoral system, despite all the protests of the political opposition, civil society and foreign partners of Moldova. Now this Moldovan terminator set out to destroy the world on the Dniester.

“Our Party” appeals to the OSCE Mission in the Republic of Moldova and other participants in the 5 + 2 negotiation format on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict and ask to take measures to curb provocateur Plahotniuc.

Having conspired with the criminal regime of Plahotniuc, who is leading the situation to provoke a new war on the Dniester, the Socialist Party and its leader, president Igor Dodon,

become complicit in the forthcoming grave crime. By voting for the refusal of the proportional system, the deputies-socialists automatically preserve the regime, which is ready to set fire in the region only in order that Plahotniuc to retain his unconstitutional authority.

The future of Plahotniuc is predetermined: sooner or later, he will take his place in the dock. If the PSRM and president Dodon do not refuse - openly and unequivocally - to cooperate with the provocateur and warmonger Plahotniuc, they as his accomplices will become co-defendant on the suit, which will inevitably be brought against Plahotniuc who captured the Moldovan state.

Chisinau, July 14, 2017

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