• Renato Usatyi




Born on November 4, 1978, Falesti city, Republic of Moldova

Graduated from Faculty of Foreign Languages, Balti State University “Alecu Russo”, Balti city, Republic of Moldova

2000-2001 - Supervisor in the International Airport of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

2002-2004 - Leading Engineer of food production facility of Moldavian Railways, Republic of Moldova

2005-2015 - president of VPT-NN, Nizhny Novgorod city, Russian Federation.

2015 - 2018 - Mayor of Balti municipality

I want every citizen of Moldova to be proud of their country, to be proud of being part of a successful, prosperous political project - the Republic of Moldova. My wish is that Moldova become well known throughout the world and admired by the achievements of the Moldovan people and not in connection with any other troubles and problems.

This is my dream! And one wise thinker was right when he said that only those who do not dream are worthy of pity, that only ambitious dreams create a better future. Our people deserve not pity, they deserve more! And we do not have time to tolerate the stupidity and experiments of a bunch of people who decided that they are smarter than us. Now is the time for action. Dreams are bound to come true!