There was no geopolitics in elections held in Chisinau, people voted against the system

On the air of “Politica” program on TV8 channel, Renato Usatyi said that in the last elections people voted against the system. “It was not a choice of the pro-European or pro-Romanian vector. In Chisinau people started to use acid to remove everything connected with Plahotniuc and Dodon”.

Usatyi: The next broadcast on TV8 will be from a European country! – the leader of OP received documents from Interpol

Renato Usatyi on the air of TV8, in “Politica” program, showed the certificate issued by Interpol, which proved his removal from the international police database. This document was issued by the General Secretariat of Interpol. On the basis of a number of requests to the law enforcement bodies of different countries and the examination of documents, Interpol found the request of the Moldovan authorities to be completely politically motivated.

Usatyi about the shameful fiasco of the PSRM in the elections: Dodon finally realized how is to insult those who helped him become president

The Fiasco of the PSRM at the elections in Chisinau and Balti is fatal for the pro-presidential party. According to the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatyi, the end of the ruling regime is not far off.

Renato Usatyi: Treat the child as a beginner adult!

The leader of “Our Party” on his social network page congratulated the Moldovan children and their parents on the International Children’s Day

The chairman of „Our Party” in Stefan Voda: we will continue to build a team that will achieve the tasks!

The territorial organization of “Our Party” held a report and election Conference, during which about a hundred participants elected the TO leadership. According to the newly elected chairman of the TO, Svetlana Pruteanu, the organization will continue to consolidate the ranks of OP in the district in order to achieve the tasks of “Our Party”.

Lawyer: Interpol confirmed that the case against Renato Usatyi is of a political nature

The prosecutor ignored the regular session of the court in the case of the leader of “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi. According to lawyer Anatol Istrate, the prosecutor’s office delays the process, as the court has reason to cancel the arrest warrant in the name of the leader of OP, given that Interpol has confirmed the political nature of the criminal case.

Anastasia Televca became the chairman of the Territorial organization of “Our Party” in Soroca: Only together we can achieve the aim pursued!

The territorial organization of “Our Party” in Soroca held a report and election Conference, during which about a hundred participants elected a new leadership of OP.

Hearings in the AC on the case of attempted murder of Renato Usatyi are postponed: the first instance has not yet identified the motivation for its own decision

The meeting of the Appeals Chamber in the case of the attempted murder of the leader of “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi, in which the “black banker” German Gorbuntov appears as the defendant, was postponed due to the fact that the court of first instance had not yet prepared the motivating part of its decision.

The victory of „Our Party” in Balti elections mobilized the active core of the political party in Floresti

The territorial organization of “Our Party” in Floresti conducted a report and election Conference, during which participants elected the leadership of the party cell. The newly elected leaders stressed that the victory of OP in Balti mobilized regional activists.

Renato Usatyi congratulated Balti on the temple holiday: We still have a lot of good things ahead!

On May 22, the northern capital of Moldova celebrated its 597th anniversary. The leader of “Our Party” on his social network page congratulated his beloved city on its birthday. ​

The lighting system in the central square of Beltsy will be renewed (VIDEO)

It is planned to renew 75 street lights in the central square of Beltsy. They will be replaced by lights of higher power. They are purchased at the expense of Beltsy Mayor Renato Usatii. 97,000 lei were allocated to dismantling of old ones and installation of new lamps from the municipal budget.

Young citizens of Beltsy will go to the legendary "Scarlet Sails" holiday at the invitation of the governor of Saint-Petersburg

Four kids from Beltsy became prizewinners of the art contest “I paint Petersburg”. As part of cooperation agreements between Beltsy and Saint-Petersburg, at the invitation of the governor of the northern capital of Russia, young Beltsy citizens will take part in the traditional annual holiday of graduates “Scarlet Sails”. This was reported on Facebook by the Mayor of Beltsy Renato Usatii.


The municipal enterprise DRSU has started the final stage of reconstruction of the intra-quarter Stryyskaya Street: it is taking on a new look gradually. Its overhaul began in 2016. First, the old curb stone was replaced with a new one, which was installed according to a new modern technology.


The road service restores the former beauty of the microdistrict called “Tel Aviv” by the people of Beltsy: the reconstruction of Voluntarilov and Independentsey streets began here. The work is performed by the municipal enterprise DRSU.

How the authorities take revenge on the northern capital: only 1.5% of the Road Fund is allocated for repair of roads in Beltsy

The northern capital of Moldova, one of the largest cities in the country, will receive only 1.7 million lei (or 1.5% of the Road Fund’s total budget) to repair roads. Such figures are contained in a draft recently prepared by the Ministry of Transport.

In Beltsy, yards are thoroughly renovated and equipped (PHOTO)

With the spring in Beltsy, overhaul of roads and urban area development began –both renovation of the central streets, and, above all, the yards of multi-storey houses. The Mayor of Beltsy, Renato Usatii, told in Facebook how the plans for renovation and arrangement of yards in residential areas are being implemented in the northern capital.

The phenomenon of Renato Usatii will be studied by Americans (VIDEO)

The successes in the management activity of the Beltsy Mayor Renato Usatii may become the object of study of some professors at the University of Pennsylvania, the United States of America.

"Feel the difference between Beltsy and Kishinev." The capital councilor visited Beltsy

The difference between Kishinev and Beltsy is clear to the naked eye. And not in favor of the capital. This was reported by the municipal councilor of Kishinev Ilian Kashu in a video message on Facebook, he recorded in Beltsy. The difference, according to the adviser, concerns cleanliness in the town, work of local markets and municipal enterprises, and the attitude of the townspeople to their mayor.

Charitable act in Beltsy: with Easter gifts – to the elderly, sick and children

On the eve of the Easter holidays, the municipal councilors and volunteers of the Renato Usatii Foundation traditionally visited social centers that help children from the risk groups, people in a difficult life situation and those with mental health problems.

Over 7,000 people are waiting for Easter gifts from the Renato Usatîi Foundation (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Easter is a feast of kindness and care for one another. The Renato Usatîi Foundation has already begun to congratulate those in need, with this serene holiday. In the pre-Easter week in the cities and villages of Moldova, a nationwide festive event began, that is traditionally held every year by the Renato Usatîi Foundation.

Renato Usatyi revealed Plahotniuc’s and Dodon’s plans to benefit from Moldovan pilots captured by the Taliban

The leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi, for about two years, organised an operation to rescue Moldovan pilots captured by the Afghan Taliban in 2015. However, the Moldovan authorities broke it up, trying to benefit from the situation.

Usatyi – to Russian “MK”: Only by bringing together all, we can fight the oligarch

The Russian publication “Moscow Komsomolets” asked the leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi to tell about the political situation in Moldova, the role of the “pro-Russian” Dodon in the anti-Russian foreign policy of the officials of Chisinau and the future parliamentary elections.

Usatyi called for a general civil mobilization

Renato Usatyi, the leader of „Our Party”, during a live broadcast appealed to Moldovan citizens, to the entire Moldovan diaspora abroad, to public figures and activists, to morally sound political forces to launch a general civil mobilization against the criminal regime of the oligarch Plahotniuc.

“We will detain you for 72 hours so that you understand the policy of the party”. Nina Cereteu about the “persuading” methods used by the Democratic Party

The representatives of the Democratic Party belonging to the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc have not spared any effort even the dirtiest methods in attempts to persuade the mayors to move to the oligarch’s party. According to Nina Cereteu, the Mayor of Drochia from “Our Party”, such zeal of the democrats is justified by the upcoming parliamentary elections, which can be organized according to a mixed system.

“Plahotniuc intends to destroy the last pockets of resistance”. Local elected representatives of “Our Party” told about the terror unleashed by the oligarch’s regime

Several dozens of mayors and local elected representatives of “Our Party” spoke at a press conference in which they declared about unprecedented terror unleashed by the regime of the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

The mayor and adviser of “Our Party” was tried on charged of attempted murder

On Wednesday, September 13, the mayor of Iargara city, Eugen Mutaf, as well as the coordinator of the territorial organization of “Our Party” of Leova district, Serghei Tomsa, were detained by the police on charges of allegedly “suspicion of attacking a priest,” implicated in an attempt to discredit “Renato Usatyi” Foundation.

“The state of justice should be judged in the light of the cases of Usatyi and Grincu”. The lawyers of Renato Usatyi about the lawlessness reigning in the judicial system

A huge number of criminal cases brought against the leadership and activists of “Our Party” are indeed a clear example of lawlessness reigning in the Moldovan justice. The lawyers of Renato Usatyi told about the enormous number of grave violations recorded in criminal cases against the opposition politician and his supporters.

The Court has extended the arrest of Felix Grincu despite his worsening health state

The Court has extended the provisional arrest of the activist of “Our Party”, Felix Grincu, who is in jail for the tenth month, even despite the fact that his health state worsened.

Freedom! The activists of “Our Party” are released from detention

The activists of “Our Party” Serghei Tomsa and Stanislav Vlasov, who were arrested as a result of the provocation organized by police officers, were released.

The Prosecutor’s office stopped the criminal case against Tipovici. The lawyer: It’s another confirmation that it was a political case.

The Prosecutor’s office of Falesti stopped the criminal case initiated against the Vice Chairman of “Our Party” Nicolae Tipovici, to whom the authorities suspected of being “threatened with murder” to one of advisors of Falesti district. According to the lawyer Anatolie Istrate, this fact shows that law enforcement authorities of Moldova do not shun political criminal cases.

Thanks to Usatyi, lyceum pupils - winners of academic competitions of Balti go again to rest in the best camp of Russia

This year young people of Balti, winners of local and international academic competitions, with the support of Renato Usatyi go again to rest and strengthen their health in the Russian therapeutic and educational sanatoriums “Lazurny”:

Municipality of Balti has allocated 2 million lei to help the needy people.

Most of all, people of Balti is concerned about issues of social protection, housing and communal services and of the land sector. Vice-mayor Leonid Babii reported this to BTV channel according to the results of personal consultation of citizens. Some people of Balti come to the mayor’s office with offers, but this is extremely rare.

Good deeds of “Renato Usatyi” Foundation: 100 000 lei for Ursoaia village

“Renato Usatyi” Foundation, which celebrated its second anniversary in July, continues to pursue good deeds, providing material support to the villages and cities of Moldova. On the occasion of the temple holyday of Ursoaia village of Cahul district the foundation decided to allocate 100 000 lei for the village mayoralty to improve the territory.

Time for Good Initiatives: Renato Usatyi Foundation celebrated its second anniversary

Today, July 17, marked 2 years since Renato Usatyi Charitable Foundation was registered in 2015 on the initiative of Renato Usatyi. The Foundation was the first charitable institution in the Republic of Moldova, which was established to support local initiatives in cities and villages throughout Moldova, the development of regional infrastructure both in the northern regions of the country and throughout the country, and to assist institutions and organizations that have a social orientation.

the Renato Usatii Foundation allocated 100 thousand lei to Natalyevka to a double holiday – the Temple of the Village and the Victory Day

The municipality of Natalyevka of Falesti district celebrated a double holiday on May 9 – the Victory Day and the Temple of the Village. To this day, the Renato Usatii Foundation allocated 100,000 lei to the settlement for improvement of the commune villages.

Activists of Our Party congratulate veterans of the Great Patriotic War throughout the country, present gifts and the ribbons of Saint George (PHOTO REPORT)

On the eve of Victory Day, activists of Our Party in all regions of the country congratulate veterans of the Great Patriotic War on this sacred holiday, present gifts and the ribbons of Saint George, provide material assistance, bring products that many elderly people can not buy themselves, help with housework.

The first freestyle wrestling tournament in Glodeni is held thanks to the help of the Renato Usatii Foundation (PHOTO)

The first children’s and youth tournament on freestyle wrestling for the Cup of the Mayor of the city is held in Glodeni. Future champions from all over Moldova have updated the wrestling carpet donated by the Renato Usatii Foundation to the city.

Paving slabs is installed in Vulcanesti, donated by the Renato Usatii Foundation

Paving slabs is installed in the center of Vulcanesti for Easter. Public parking lot for cars and pavement were covered with slabs. The accomplishment was completed thanks to the Renato Usatii Foundation. The charitable organization gave expensive materials to the residents of Vulcanesti on the Day of the Town.

Seven thousand warmed hearts! Renato Usatii Foundation congratulates children and lonely old people on Easter (PHOTO REPORT, VIDEO)

In the days preceding the great Easter holiday, the volunteers of the Renato Usatii Foundation together with thousands of civil activists in all regions of the country come with gifts to those who most need warmth and care.

Charitable act in Beltsy: with Easter gifts – to the elderly, sick and children

On the eve of the Easter holidays, the municipal councilors and volunteers of the Renato Usatii Foundation traditionally visited social centers that help children from the risk groups, people in a difficult life situation and those with mental health problems.

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