Usatyi to Plahotniuc - If I start dancing with Grigorisin, then with the first hora we will break the legs to those who dance near you

Renato Usatyi commented in social networks on Plahotniuc’s statements about the solution of the garbage problem in Balti. The leader of “Our Party” would like to hear the continuation of this subject and asked a number of questions on which neither Plahotniuc, nor anybody else hesitate to provide answers.

Sor threatened with a „social explosion”, begging for money Plahotniuc and Filat to cover his theft

The Mayor of Orhei, Ilan Sor in an interview with one of the Moldovan TV channels accused Renato Usatyi of disclosing in 2014 the information about problems in the banking sector, thereby provoking the outcome of depositors. Sor qualified the actions of Usatyi as the traditional “arm of Moscow”, which supposedly had to undermine the situation in Moldova before the parliamentary elections.

Usatyi congratulated medical workers: you have chosen a humane and noble profession

The leader of „Our Party” congratulated employees and veterans of healthcare on the Medical Worker Day.

The lawyer of Renato Usatyi accused the prosecutor’s office of delaying the criminal case against the leader of the OP

Regular hearings in the case of Renato Usatyi, took place, in which, after several failed court sessions, the prosecutor finally appeared. At the end of the hearings, the court doubted that prosecutors continue to work in the framework of this criminal case. As a result, the court ordered the prosecution to submit a report on the work done.

Usatyi about the next pre-election farce of socialists: Romanian will become state language

According to Renato Usatyi, an ordinary show is being played in the Moldovan parliament, resulting in announcement of Romanian as state language. At the same time, the deputies will return to Russian the status of the language of interethnic communication. It will be the same combination as Dodon and Plahotniuc turned with the “mixt”, - the leader of “Our Party” wrote on his Facebook page:

Renato Usatyi: The impact of the forthcoming parliamentary elections on Plahotniuc-Dodon tandem will be dramatic

The impact of the forthcoming parliamentary elections on tandem Plahotniuc-Dodon will be dramatic. According to the leader of “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi, the fight will be very hard and citizens must win it.

Interpol refused to put Renato Usatyi on the wanted list. Grounds for the removal of his case from Interpol’s database

Interpol decided to remove the case of the leader of “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi from its database and stop his search. We are talking about the accusation of Usatyi in the attempted murder on the Russian banker German Gorbuntov, filed by the Moldovan prosecutor’s office. Interpol came to the conclusion that this case is politically motivated. The Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Cases meanwhile declared that they didn’t know anything about this decision of the International Police.

The Appeals Chamber protects the „black banker” German Gorbuntov

The Appeals Chamber of Chisinau took the side of the “black banker” German Gorbuntov, having rejected the appeal in cassation of the lawyers of the chairman of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi. The panel of judges, typically, needed about one and a half hours to study the arguments of the first instance.

Renato Usatyi warned Sandu and Nastase against a coalition with Plahotniuc

Andrei Nastase, the chairman of the Platform “Dignity and Truth” owes his victory in the elections in Chisinau, including to Russian-speaking residents. However, according to the leader of “Our Party”, Renato Usatyi, if Maia Sandu and Nastase create a coalition with the DPM, they will become political cadavers, - Usatyi said in an interview with the publication Adevarul.

Renato Usatyi intends to return to Moldova

Renato Usatyi in the air of TV8 channel, revealed some details of his plan to return to Moldova, given that his case is now removed from the Interpol database and he can travel freely on the territory of the European countries. The politician does not exclude that he will enter Moldova through Romania.

Thanks to Usatyi, lyceum pupils - winners of academic competitions of Balti go again to rest in the best camp of Russia

This year young people of Balti, winners of local and international academic competitions, with the support of Renato Usatyi go again to rest and strengthen their health in the Russian therapeutic and educational sanatoriums “Lazurny”:

Usatyi and Grigorisin participate in the Moscow Urban Forum at the invitation of the mayor of Moscow

The leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi and Mayor of Balti Nicolae Grigorisin participate for the third consecutive year in the Moscow Urban Forum - a respectable international conference in the Russian capital. The participants of Moscow Urban Forum have the opportunity to study the trends of modern city policy, to see the best examples of solving infrastructure problems and to understand ways of transforming the urban environment into a comfortable living space.

Swimming pool in Balti became one of the best in Moldova - ambitious plans are implemented

The swimming school in Balti prepares champions - after the change of leadership and eradication of theft in the municipal pool, funds were available to modernize the entire sports complex. Now in Balti, the best conditions for the professional training of swimmers of all age groups have been created.

Balti Municipal Council initiated a referendum on the confidence in Renato Usatyi

The decision to initiate a referendum on the confidence in mayor Renato Usatyi was taken by 27 votes of Balti municipal councillors. The appropriate decision was taken during an extraordinary meeting today, January 3, 2017.

Renato Usatyi congratulated the people of Moldova on their Independence Day

“Moldova’s independence turned 26 years of age. We went through many challenges and life today is hard. But people always hope for the best. A better future is possible. It depends on us. I admire the courage of those who are still trying to do something in their homeland. But I understand as well those who want to leave this country forever.

Nizhny Novgorod entrepreneurs are ready to cooperate with partners from Balti

The authorities of Nizhny Novgorod are ready to cooperate with their partners from Balti not only in the field of education, but also in trade and economic spheres.

Municipality of Balti has allocated 2 million lei to help the needy people.

Most of all, people of Balti is concerned about issues of social protection, housing and communal services and of the land sector. Vice-mayor Leonid Babii reported this to BTV channel according to the results of personal consultation of citizens. Some people of Balti come to the mayor’s office with offers, but this is extremely rare.

As a result of the agreements concluded by Usatyi, the lyceum pupils of Balti are going on vacation to the Russian sanatorium-educational camp.

The lyceum pupils of Balti who have achieved success in their studies, winners of Olympiads, will go to the camp “Lazurny” which is located on the banks of Oka. The vacation for them is organized within the cooperation of Balti with Nizhny Novgorod, becoming twinned cities. The agreement was signed in June 2016 by Renato Usatyi and the former Mayor of Nizhny Novgorod.

Renato Usatii: It is possible that a raider attack is being preparing on Beltsy

The central authorities, subordinate to the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, may resort to raider capture of the northern capital. According to the Mayor of Beltsy, Renato Usatii, the authorities intend to create chaos similar to that which occurs in Kishinev. He stated this in an online broadcast in social networks.

Usatii warned: mass house-check and arrests are being prepared in Beltsy

Authorities are preparing arrests of a number of heads of municipal enterprises in Beltsy. The true reason for a new round of repressions is the outstanding results achieved by local authorities in the management of the city and the desire to discredit the leadership of the northern capital. This was announced by the mayor of Beltsy Renato Usatii during a video broadcast in social networks.

Renato Usatyi revealed Plahotniuc’s and Dodon’s plans to benefit from Moldovan pilots captured by the Taliban

The leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi, for about two years, organised an operation to rescue Moldovan pilots captured by the Afghan Taliban in 2015. However, the Moldovan authorities broke it up, trying to benefit from the situation.

Usatyi – to Russian “MK”: Only by bringing together all, we can fight the oligarch

The Russian publication “Moscow Komsomolets” asked the leader of “Our Party” Renato Usatyi to tell about the political situation in Moldova, the role of the “pro-Russian” Dodon in the anti-Russian foreign policy of the officials of Chisinau and the future parliamentary elections.

Usatyi called for a general civil mobilization

Renato Usatyi, the leader of „Our Party”, during a live broadcast appealed to Moldovan citizens, to the entire Moldovan diaspora abroad, to public figures and activists, to morally sound political forces to launch a general civil mobilization against the criminal regime of the oligarch Plahotniuc.

“We will detain you for 72 hours so that you understand the policy of the party”. Nina Cereteu about the “persuading” methods used by the Democratic Party

The representatives of the Democratic Party belonging to the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc have not spared any effort even the dirtiest methods in attempts to persuade the mayors to move to the oligarch’s party. According to Nina Cereteu, the Mayor of Drochia from “Our Party”, such zeal of the democrats is justified by the upcoming parliamentary elections, which can be organized according to a mixed system.

“Plahotniuc intends to destroy the last pockets of resistance”. Local elected representatives of “Our Party” told about the terror unleashed by the oligarch’s regime

Several dozens of mayors and local elected representatives of “Our Party” spoke at a press conference in which they declared about unprecedented terror unleashed by the regime of the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

The mayor and adviser of “Our Party” was tried on charged of attempted murder

On Wednesday, September 13, the mayor of Iargara city, Eugen Mutaf, as well as the coordinator of the territorial organization of “Our Party” of Leova district, Serghei Tomsa, were detained by the police on charges of allegedly “suspicion of attacking a priest,” implicated in an attempt to discredit “Renato Usatyi” Foundation.

“The state of justice should be judged in the light of the cases of Usatyi and Grincu”. The lawyers of Renato Usatyi about the lawlessness reigning in the judicial system

A huge number of criminal cases brought against the leadership and activists of “Our Party” are indeed a clear example of lawlessness reigning in the Moldovan justice. The lawyers of Renato Usatyi told about the enormous number of grave violations recorded in criminal cases against the opposition politician and his supporters.

The Court has extended the arrest of Felix Grincu despite his worsening health state

The Court has extended the provisional arrest of the activist of “Our Party”, Felix Grincu, who is in jail for the tenth month, even despite the fact that his health state worsened.

Freedom! The activists of “Our Party” are released from detention

The activists of “Our Party” Serghei Tomsa and Stanislav Vlasov, who were arrested as a result of the provocation organized by police officers, were released.

The Prosecutor’s office stopped the criminal case against Tipovici. The lawyer: It’s another confirmation that it was a political case.

The Prosecutor’s office of Falesti stopped the criminal case initiated against the Vice Chairman of “Our Party” Nicolae Tipovici, to whom the authorities suspected of being “threatened with murder” to one of advisors of Falesti district. According to the lawyer Anatolie Istrate, this fact shows that law enforcement authorities of Moldova do not shun political criminal cases.

Over 7,000 people are waiting for Easter gifts from the Renato Usatîi Foundation (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Easter is a feast of kindness and care for one another. The Renato Usatîi Foundation has already begun to congratulate those in need, with this serene holiday. In the pre-Easter week in the cities and villages of Moldova, a nationwide festive event began, that is traditionally held every year by the Renato Usatîi Foundation.

The Renato Usatîi Foundation allocated 100,000 lei to save the kindergarten-school in village Fegedeu

On Friday, April 7, representatives of the Renato Usatîi Foundation handed over a certificate for 100,000 lei as a gift to the kindergarten-school of village Fegedeu of commune Cholaku Nou in Falesti district, on the occasion of the coming Easter holiday.

Plan Of Our Party For Kishinev Is To Help All Citizens Reach City Administration

Activists of Our Party will be working in every house of the capital to help the citizens solve their problems in the city administration, open the doors that the officials are hiding behind.

Our Party Is Against Building A Recycling Plant Near Kishinev

The local elects of Our Party are against building a recycling plant next to Sîngera, a part of Kishinev’s metropolitan area, with about 13,000 residents. Counselors are certain that the only way out of this situation is a referendum. Ilian Cashu, Our Party’s municipal counselor, and Ion Duka, Our Party’s city counselor, have claimed so during public hearings.

Usatii’s Arrangements In Action: Moldavian School Headmasters Attend Courses In Moscow

School headmasters of the Republic of Moldova are visiting Moscow, where they will attend educational courses from 12th until 18th of March. The visit takes place within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Western Administrative Okrug and the city of Bălţi.

Ilian Cashu Has Visited A Children Garden “Inspected” By Filip

After premier Pavel Filip has conducted a staged inspection of the “problematic” kindergarten №59, Our Party’s conseiller Ilian Cașu came there with his own inspection.

Usatii Congratulated Bălți’s Veterans On 23d Of February

The veterans of the Great Patriotic War residing in Bălți received gifts from Renato Usatii’s charitable organization — 1,000 lei and products that they cannot afford due to their low pensions. Unfortunately, only 39 participants of the bloodiest war in human history are left in Bălți.


Minibus fares in Kishinev might rise, and that is unavoidable. At least according to the vice-mayor of the capital NistorGrozavu. On the other hand, municipal counselorIlianKashu, a member of “Our Party” in Kishinev’s Municipal council, is asking what has the city administration done to avoid this blow to Kishinev’s citizens’ finances?

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